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We all need a little extra encouragement now and again, and affirmations are a great place to start.

Sure, it may be corny to turn to inspirational quotes when we’re in a stressful rut, but research shows that positive phrases are effective in giving us an internal boost. A Carnegie Mellon research study found that self-affirmations enhance our problem-solving abilities and protect against the damaging effects of stress.

Therapist Julia Hogan writes for Verily, “The Science of Us, from New York Magazine, even reported fascinating cognitive research: When participants engaged in self-affirmation, the parts of their brain associated with executive function (memory, problem solving, reasoning, planning) and receiving awards were more activated than the control group.”

All it takes is a minute to reengage the go-getter in you. Here are four of our favorite pin-worthy Daily Dose quotes that will help you get back on track when you feel like you’re not getting much done.

Self-Care Is Not Selfishness

We must be able to recognize the real difference between selfishness and self-care in the midst of our day-to-day activities. Taking (or making) quality time for yourself isn’t self-centered but rather needs to be a priority. Psychologist and author Guy Winch proposes that we all need to practice emotional first aid because our psychological health is just as important as our physical health, if not more important. Tending to it isn’t selfish; it’s essential.

Mend It with Mindfulness

Perhaps the greatest way to combat stress is to do just that: Choose one thought over another. Make it a priority to practice mindfulness. A clinical psychology review found that mindfulness actually reduces levels of stress and other negative emotions. By cultivating mindfulness, you’re alleviating the effects of stress and empowering yourself to move forward. Here are five ways to cope with stress through acts of mindfulness.

Make Good Use of Your Most Productive Hours

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s easy to get paralyzed by the thought of how quickly time passes, which can easily inhibit you from being productive.

But here’s a gentle reminder that there are always enough hours in the day for what you need to accomplish that day. Whether it’s morning, during the daytime, or at night, we are allotted time for work, play, and rest, so it’s important to do so accordingly. The most crucial times are morning and night. Here are four ways to make the most of your mornings and ten tips for getting your best sleep at night.

From Goal-Setter to Go-Getter

It’s easy to fall victim to the waiting game. It’s easier to sit around wishing and hoping for things to happen to you than to get up and make things happen for you. Entrepreneur Sarah Kunst advises that the more you own your potential, the more likely you are to succeed. In other words, success starts with self-assurance. “You go out on your own into the wilderness,” Kunst says in an interview with Verily, “and you realize that you actually can handle a bunch of things.” When you can affirm your potential, you’re well on your way to making it a reality.

Pin some quotes that you personally find most inspiring and affirming (here are ours!), and revisit them often. With a healthy mindset, anything is possible.

Photo Credit: Ashley Crawford