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You won’t find photos of this Casablanca star overly made-up. Embracing natural beauty is what we’re all about, and Ingrid Bergman’s simple look is perfect for any woman who wants a low-maintenance look. If you’d like to take a cue from Bergman’s minimal approach to makeup, stick to only a few key products.

1. NARS [Discontinued], Close Match: City Color, $5 / 2. NARS, $30 / 3. L'Oreal, $25 / 4. Smith's, $6

1. NARS [Discontinued], Close Match: City Color, $5 / 2. NARS, $30 / 3. L'Oreal, $25 / 4. Smith's, $6

If you want to make this fresh and dewy look your own, follow these five easy steps.

Step 1

For a real wake-up call, press two chilled teaspoons gently around the eye sockets for a few seconds at a time. The cold spoons will act as a mini ice pack, instantly cooling sleepy eyes and reducing the swelling of under-eye bags.

Step 2

Apply three dots of an eye cream that specifically targets dark circles and puffiness, such as L’Oréal Revitalift. Gently dab with your ring finger until fully absorbed. Soothing your eye area will give you that fresh-faced look Bergman mastered.

Step 3

To achieve an organic dewiness like Bergman’s, lightly apply some liquid illuminator to your brow and cheekbones. If you use liquid foundation, mix a dab of your liquid illuminator into it.

Step 4

Apply a couple strokes of blush to your cheeks for a flushed and rosy appearance that’s still subtle and natural. Choose a color best suited for your skin tone, but a hue such as Nars’ Reckless blush is light and sheer.

Step 5

Complete the picture by adding a natural and subtle pop of color with a rose lip balm such as Smith’s.

And there you have it. With these simple steps, you can take on the day feeling natural and refined.