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These days looking at the news can make a person feel like there’s nothing to be hopeful about. While we all have to do our part to stay informed about the serious issues facing our society right now, we think it’s important to highlight the good stuff as well.

So to get your week started off on the right foot, here are some inspired and uplifting stories to stave off those Monday blues.

A Fantastic New Movie Family Emerges

While there's no shortage of flicks featuring young women as shopping obsessed and boy crazy, the new indie movie Captain Fantastic has something else to say. Captain Fantastic follows the story of a father who decides to raise his six children in the wilderness away from the distractions of modern society. The film features a group of young women who challenge the idea of the stereotypical girl. The father in the film pushes all his children, boys and girls alike, to improve their minds with reading and their bodies with exercise. 

Just as the characters of the film are treated with the maturity not usually given to children in movies, the young actors were also given the same adult-like responsibilities on set. As part of the filming the child actors weren’t allowed to use technology or eat sugar—something that many of the young cast say has changed their outlook on life for the better. Captain Fantastic is not just a heartwarming story of family, but a testament to the brilliance and fortitude of young people.

Emma Watson Meets the New Hermione

The internet has been abuzz with Emma Watson’s review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The original Harry Potter actress went to see the play and afterward went backstage to meet the cast—including Noma Dumezweni, the woman playing the older adult version of Watson’s Hermione. Although you may remember the criticism surrounding the play’s casting choices when they were announced back in December, Watson has always supported Dumezweni as Hermione—and she couldn’t be happier to meet her. When posting the heartwarming pictures of the two Hermione actresses embracing, Watson penned a quick review saying how beautiful and emotional going to the performance was. She said, “ I felt more connected to Hermione and the stories than I have since Deathly Hallows came out, which is such a gift.”

Move Over, Sherlock Holmes

Spunky 9-year-old reporter Hilde Lysiak made the news earlier this year for breaking a local news story of a murder before any other media outlet did. The budding newscaster has continued to cover the local news of Selinsgrove, PA, despite her critics' comments like, “What happened to tea parties?” Lysiak’s only response is, “If you want me to stop covering the news, then get off your computers and start doing something about the news.” And her perseverance and dedication is about to pay off because she just signed a book deal with scholastic for a fiction series called Hilde Cracks the Case. Lysiak and her father are writing the four-book series that’s set to come out in 2017. Lysiak says she hopes it will inspire other young children who love reporting as much as she does. Although she’s only in third grade, Lysiak is inspiring young girls everywhere to do what they love no matter what the haters say.

Double the Fun, Double the Diapers

If twin sisters give birth at the same time, does that make their children twins, too? OK, we know, not quite, but the identical twin sisters who just welcomed home their first little ones on the same day do share a special bond that clearly extends to their children. Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers both gave birth at 1:18 a.m. in their respective California and Colorado time zones on June 30. Rodgers had a baby boy named Reid Joseph, and Mariuz had a baby girl named Samantha Lynne. The twins are close not just in age but also in spirit, and when Mariuz and Rodgers told each other they were each pregnant, they jumped up and down with excitement, they told The Today Show. Rodgers says she knew before Mariuz told her, though, thanks to her “twintuition.” 

Simone Biles Has Us Flipping Excited

Simone Biles just showed us what it looks like to pitch like a girl in the most awesome way possible. At just 19 years old, Biles is close to becoming the most decorated American gymnast ever. So how did she toss the ceremonial first pitch at a Houston Astros game last week? By doing a flip first, of course. Watch her show off her skills and send the ball to home plate. With characteristic humility, Biles said she decided on the flip to distract everyone watching in case she made a bad throw. Known for her constant smile and bubbly personality, Biles is the first female gymnast to win the all-around title at the World Gymnastics Championships three times and the first gymnast in forty-two years to win the U.S. National Championships four years in a row. She may be focused during meets, but she’s never too serious to flash a smile—or wink at friend and fellow gymnast Shawn Johnson.

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