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The spring sunshine is finally here to stay, and as we look forward to the coming summer months, appropriate eyewear is a must. To keep your eyes stylin’ and, most importantly, protected from the UV rays, don’t just settle for any pair at your local kiosk.

Find a pair of sunglasses that is especially flattering to your unique face shape with our guide below.

01. Square //

If you have a square face shape, then you know a thing or two about a chiseled bone structure. With a strong jawline that is slightly wider than your forehead, finding flattering frames is all about counteracting the angularity of your face shape. This means round frames! 

The circular frame will soften the squareness of your face. And lucky for you, round frames are on-trend this year, giving you plenty of options. A pair of tortoiseshell frames are smart looking with just the right amount of trendy. Or have a little fun with some other unique styles of round shades.

02. Round //

A round face shape means the width of your jaw is the equal to the width of your forehead. You also have fuller cheeks, which is why you want to find frames that are angular in order to contrast against the overall roundness of your features. 

A pair of square frames will create the illusion of a more defined bone structure. Classic wayfarers are the perfect style for you with their squared off bottom. We're digging two-toned frames right now, but you can never go wrong with a classic finish.

03. Oblong //

If you have an oblong face, your features are narrow. This means that your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are almost the same width but appear to be narrower and longer than the other face shapes. Typically, an oval face has a width-length ratio of 1 to 1.5; anything longer than 1.5 puts the face shape into the category of oblong. 

You don't want to wear frames that enhance narrowness, rather, you want to find a pair of frames that create the illusion of width. This means finding rectangular frames that are wider than your face on the sides.

 04. Diamond & Pear //

A diamond face shape is when widest part of your face is right around your cheekbones and eyes, but your forehead and chin are more narrow. To flatter the diamond face shape, you want to find frames that draw attention upward. Pear-shaped faces have a similar goal: since the narrowest part of the face is at the forehead and then widest in the cheeks and jaw, you want to avoid adding more width to the lower half of the face. 

A cat eye frame is ideal because the frame turns upward, creating the illusion of more forehead width. Cat-eye lenses are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, so they do not add more volume to your cheek bones. 

05. Heart //

The heart face shape is the widest at the forehead and then tapers off into a narrow jawline. To find frames that flatter the heart face, you want to find bottom-heavy frames to create the illusion of wider cheeks to balance out the width of your forehead. This means aviator styles or other frames that draw attention downward. The lenses should come down toward your cheeks, but they should not be so high that they cover your eyebrows. 

06. Oval //

An oval face is slightly longer than it is wide, typically with a narrower forehead and jaw. Oval-shaped ladies are quite lucky because they have a universal canvas to work from. For an oval-shaped face, almost any style of sunglasses will work. We suggest having fun with quirkier styles of frames in varieties of color. Thick oversize square frames, circular frames, aviators—try them all!