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With Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, we’re on the hunt for some inspiration for holiday-appropriate looks. Adding a little glam to our makeup routine is the perfect way to look fresh and festive over these next couple days.

Bright Pink Lipstick & Subtle Cat Eye

The holiday season is the time to go all out with brightly colored lipstick. If you can believe it, Alyson, from The Beauty Vanity, uses only drugstore products to create this look. Her bold pink lip is balanced out by her simple cat eye, creating a look that is glamorous but not over the top.

Neutral Two-Toned Eye Shadow & Rose Red Lipstick

If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired makeup tutorial, look no further than Petra Purr’s Christmas makeup. Rather than using eyeliner in this look, Petra goes heavy on the two-toned eyeshadow, making a natural yet stunning look. To keep with the natural tones of her eye shadow, Petra uses a rosy red lipstick to create a bold lip.

Thick Liner & Soft Red Lip Balm

We are head over heels for Camila Coelho’s bold eyeliner look. Lining her eyes thickly with a charcoal pencil, Camila starts all the way at the inner corners of her eyes to create a doll-like look that makes her eyes really stand out. She uses an orangey-pink lip balm instead of lipstick for a soft and more natural look. 

Tight Line & Brown Lipstick

When bright pink and red lipsticks are a bit much, opt for an equally glamorous yet more natural brown lipstick. Eileen of misswhoeverur shows us just how party-appropriate brown lipstick can be. She complements the warm hue with a subtle smoky tight-line look that is close to her lash line and on her waterline.

Shimmery Rose Gold & Red Lipstick

If you’re the type to bring out the sparkles and pizzazz for a Christmas party, look no further than this shimmery eye shadow look by Alix from I Covet Thee. She masters glittery eye shadow in a subtly festive way by using a rose gold shimmer that is earthier than metallic. The warm tones around her eyes pop even more when paired with a matte red lipstick, perfect for any holiday party.

Cat Eye & Purple Lipstick

We couldn’t leave out the classic cat eye, could we? Cat eyes are fun yet polished, an ideal combo for a fancy Christmas party. Melissa Alatorre creates a natural eye shadow look with a hint of glitter but then goes bold with her winged cat eye. If you want to really have fun with your holiday makeup, use false lashes for a dreamy, feminine look. Melissa’s bold look doesn’t stop there—she uses a velvety plum lip color for the final regal touch.

Pink All Over & Shimmer Shadow

Anneka Mclean brings pretty back with the ultimate girlie party look. She uses a romantic rosy pink color on her eyes, cheeks, and lips for a fresh and soft look. The standout factor is the white/silver shimmer on the center of her lids, creating a unique party look that will certainly turn heads.

Oxblood Lipstick & Neutral Eye Shadow

If you’re interested in a more sophisticated, mysterious look, we suggest trying out Emily Quak’s striking oxblood lip tutorial. She applies a sleek cat eye to support the bold lip color but uses a natural tone for her eye shadow to complement the boldness of her lip and liner.

Dusty Purple Eye Shadow & Red Lipstick

Bet you never thought purple and red would go together in a makeup look—neither did we! We love Sona Gasparian’s holiday makeup tutorial of seemingly contradictory colors. The result is a playful, fresh, and innovative makeup look that is unlike any other. Sona uses a shimmery purple color on her lids with brown shadow as a liner for a warm smoky look. She then uses a bright red lip color to create her fun, colorful party look.

Smoky Cat Eye & Red Lip

Thought cat eyes were only created with liquid liner? Think again! Jessica Clements’ smoky cat eye is a great option for those who haven’t mastered the perfect liquid liner cat eye. She applies liquid liner first and then applies a pencil liner on top and smudges it for the smoky winged look. This allows for more creativity with your wing and leaves room for error if you’re new to cat eyes. To add the final Christmas party touches to this look, Jessica uses a bold red lip to complement her dark smoky eye.