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Viola Davis’ Daughter Dressed Up as Her Mom for Halloween, and It Was Adorable

Viola Davis / Facebook

Viola Davis / Facebook

Television actress Viola Davis had someone watching her besides the adoring public as she smashed barriers in her fictional law class on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. That someone was her daughter Genesis.

With an actress for a mother, you’d think the Halloween dress-up game for Genesis would be pretty amazing. That’s why it was pretty surprising when Davis’ daughter opted for a very personal costume.

Davis tweeted a picture of her daughter on Halloween night with the caption, “So . . . the Elsa costume? Didn’t work for her. The pirate? A no go. So she finally said, ‘I just want to be YOU, Mommy!’ So . . . uhh . . . this is ME.”

Genesis wore a dress and a shade of lipstick similar to what Davis wore when she recently accepted an Emmy award and held a gold statue as she cheesed for the camera.

Um . . . this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love DIY costumes over the poorly made prefab ones anyway, but this is just a whole different level. Elsa is great. Pirates are great. Going as Susan B. Anthony or Sojourner Truth or even Barbara Walters is great. But as a mom this really struck me, as it encapsulates what our goals are as moms: When we think about the people we expose our children to and who we hope they’ll emulate, it’s a good sign when that person is us.

In our lives as parents, it can be easy to get in the habit of presenting one side of ourselves to our children, particularly the side of the doting mother who is always “on” for her child. Of course it’s important to be there for your children and to meet their needs. But maybe it’s just as important to bring your child with you to the nonprofit you run or the volunteer position you hold at church after school, as it is to patiently sit and wait for her extracurricular activities. Your child needs to see you as a role model, not just for your parenting skills but also who you are as a person. What Davis clearly does, and what we can all do, is show our children what a woman fully in command of her space looks like.

This Halloween costume is not only a nice reminder that our children are always watching us but also that we should be living lives worthy of imitation.