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Love the cool-girl appeal of a mohawk but not so much the shaved-head idea? Well, we have a new style for you to pin to your board! This fauxhawk faux braid has all the edge of a mohawk without losing the feminine appeal of a braid. Rock on, sister!

Step 01: Start with a regular half ponytail on the top of your head.


Step 02: On the tail of that first ponytail, go down a couple inches, and tie off another hair tie.


Step 03: Underneath the first ponytail, section off another strip of hair, and tie it into a second ponytail.


Step 04: On the top ponytail, split the section of hair between the first hair tie and the second hair tie in the middle, making a hole.


Step 05: Grab the second ponytail from underneath, and pull it through the hole of the top ponytail.


Step 06: Tie another elastic band on the tail of the now-combined top two ponytails, and then create a third ponytail underneath.


Step 07: Similar to step 4, split the section between the two top ponytails, making a hole. Pull the third ponytail from underneath through the hole.


Step 08: Repeat this process of creating ponytails underneath each other and pulling them through the holes in between each hair tie.


Step 09: When you get to the base of the head, and all your hair is in the ponytail, separate it into “top” and “bottom” ponytails. Then tie a hair tie on the top ponytail, and pull the bottom ponytail through. Continue this until the braid is complete.


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