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Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Accessories for Every Style

Vintage or modern, these embellishments will enhance any “I do”
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Scrolling through Pinterest for wedding tips and inspiration can get a tad overwhelming (as a gal getting married in three months, trust me, I know!). With so many ideas and amazing-looking dresses, how’s a girl to know which trends to try and which ones are better left on the board?

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or just prepping for when the time is right, know that you can create a Pinterest-worthy wedding ensemble that fits your personal style and completes that picture-perfect wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ve narrowed down our favorite wedding accessory trends of the moment with shops included, for your wedding (p)inspiration.

01. Floral Crown

You’ve probably noticed (or perhaps can’t escape) the floral crown trend on Pinterest. There’s a distinct romance and whimsicality to fresh flowers in a bride’s hair. Thanks to Mother Nature, no two blooms are the same, so your choice in flowers will always be unique even when matching them to your bouquet. Your florist should be able to prep crowns for you, or if you don’t want to go full-out floral crown, just ask her to throw in a few extra stems, and insert them into your hair wherever you please.

02. Vintage Combs 

For a Victorian throwback, try a vintage comb for some extra sparkle in your hair. Whether it’s actually vintage or just vintage-looking, select a comb that highlights elements of your dress. For example, if your dress has floral beading, find a headpiece that mimics the design—such as mini flowers or vinelike details—to make the look cohesive.

03. Fascinators

For the glamorous, Old Hollywood bride, try an unconventional fascinator in your hair instead of a traditional veil. The white netted mini veil will give you an air of mystery while the quirky birdcage will give you vintage charm. Fascinators pair perfectly with shorter wedding dresses and retro hairstyles. Top off the look with a red lip, and you’ll be channeling your inner starlet all night long.

04. Capelets

We’re obsessing over the capelet wedding trend right now. It’s modern yet vintage and demure yet eclectic. What’s not to love, right? A capelet acts as a cover-up for the ceremony and helps transition your look to the reception without the additional cost of another dress. This accessory works best when you keep your gown simple and sleek, especially if you’re planning to rock a veil, jewelry, and a headpiece, too.

05. Toppers

A topper is the perfect cover-up for your gown, as it blends seamlessly into your dress. Whether you’re looking for some more coverage during the ceremony or want to surprise your guests with an unexpected outfit change, a topper is one of the most elegant options. Toppers are typically made of lace and have sleeves, which is perfect if you want to evoke Kate Middleton’s iconic royal gown.

06. Shoulder Epaulets

Whether it’s single strands of beads hanging off your shoulders as sleeves or jewels that drape across your back, this up-and-coming bridal accessory is really making a statement. The best part? Epaulets are typically removable—you can take your photos and then remove them so that you have full range of motion to dance the night away.

The biggest piece of the whole wedding puzzle is to remember that the goal of matrimony is not to spot yourself on Pinterest a few months down the road (although that can certainly be a perk!), but that you’re marrying a man who loves you no matter what you’re wearing. Enhance your look with these simple embellishments, and you’ll be sure to have a memorable affair.