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Easy Ways to Add Some Jackie O. Chic to Your Wardrobe

You don’t have to be a Kennedy to look polished and poised.
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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, queen of 1960s and ’70s glamour, reigns as one of the most influential American style icons. Whether donning Camelot couture or Hyannis Port prep, Jackie O. could do no wrong in the eyes of women everywhere looking for comfortable, chic styles to imitate in their own lives. 

As we wade into the fall months, the seventies are all over the racks—looking to the former first lady’s classic elegance serves as a great source of inspiration. With her chic oversize sunglasses, structured tweeds, luxurious suedes, and block-heeled boots, who doesn’t want a little bit of Jackie O. in her closet?

Classic Black and White //

This outfit is a great example of basics with an edge. Sticking to black and white is a way to keep your look simple, but that doesn’t have to mean boring. Pay attention to details such as buttons, buckles, or gold embellishments that add intrigue to otherwise plain items. The neutral tones and flattering shapes of Jackie’s blouse, skirt, and heels were wardrobe staples in the sixties and seventies, but they have withstood the test of time—and have made an especially strong revival for this fall.

Suede and Camel Luxe //

Even though Jackie was most famous for her matching sets and ladylike accessories, her casual street style was equally impressive. Part of what makes Jackie so lovable is that her style was elegant yet attainable. If the first lady can rock a pair of suede go-go boots, why can’t you? In this outfit, we see a lot of pieces that are trending right now: the denim skirt, the trench coat, the handkerchief scarf, and the knee-high boots. Sometimes suede and denim together can set off alarms in our mind that scream “cheesy!” but it doesn’t have to be that way. Look for quality pieces that are tailored and sleek so as not to feel like you’re wearing a seventies costume.

Vintage Demure //

Now this is the Jackie O. style we all know and love. We gave this white matching set a modern makeover with a 1960s-inspired black-and-white cirque top and a black wool pencil skirt. The ensemble is simple, but the main draw of Jackie’s iconic style is her confidence and poise—something every woman has the power to pull off. As Jackie would attest, this outfit looks best when worn with a smile!