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Stylish Trench Coats That Are Great Fall Wardrobe Staples

This year’s standouts for a classic staple
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The first signs of fall have arrived, and these chilly mornings have us reaching for some transitional outerwear. What says “fall” more than a tailored trench coat?

This classic piece is perfect for the in-between seasons when a light layer is just what we need. A trench makes any outfit look polished and suits every occasion. If you’re on the quest for the perfect trench, here’s some inspiration for you.

Double-Breasted //

It doesn’t get any more classic than this. The double-breasted trench coat is a sturdy wardrobe staple with a history that dates back to WWI. Undoubtedly, the double-breasted trench is an item we’ll all be wearing for many more years to come, so a little investment now is worth it.

Belted //

Not all of us have the patience for eight buttons. Or maybe you already own a double-breasted trench and want to try something new. If you find yourself running out the door in a hurry every morning, throwing an easy belted trench over your outfit is ideal. Just tie and go!

Long //

When those October and November winds begin to howl, a long calf-length trench will provide a little extra protection against the elements. These long coats hark back to glamorous 1940s starlets and will definitely make a fashion statement on your daily commute. Wear these with confidence and comfort.