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Dream Dates from the Guy’s Perspective

Put your daydreams on hold, and plan an adventure that’s all about him.
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Most women have at least one dream date they hope to have fulfilled. Maybe it’s a fully planned picnic in the park, a night of dancing, or, like me, eating a bucket of crabs and drinking beer by the ocean (What?! A girl can dream!). We drop hints, hope against hope, and then sometimes lose hope. But, while we’re waiting for our perfect date to come true, remember this: Men have dreams, too.

Oh yes, believe it or not, men don’t do this whole date rigmarole just for you. They, too, have ideas about what a perfect day together would be like. And no matter where you are in your relationship—we’re looking at you, married-with-kids people—every couple needs one-on-one time to connect. So, before the summer is over, stop dropping hints, and try picking up on a few for a change.

To help get your wheels turning, five guys tell us what their dream dates would be. Maybe you can try one with your man.

Local exploration.

“I have always liked the idea of flipping through a Lonely Planet and picking a random hidden treasure in my city to explore.” —Joe, 29

Ah yes, spontaneous adventure! Checking out hidden gems in your own neighborhood is an inexpensive way to have a little spontaneity and adventure in your life. Pick up a copy of your local Lonely Planet, or check out TripAdvisor’s city guides for spots to explore. Or try an app, such as Field Trip, to help you discover hidden gems. If your guy is a planner, he might have fun helping you pick a spot; if not, you can surprise him.

An extrovert’s dream.

“My idea of the perfect date would be to spend the day doing something outdoorsy, like kayaking. Afterward, we would meet up with a group of close friends at a brewery or a local beer garden.” —Tommy, 27

If your guy is more the active, social type, combining activities and friends is a great idea. If kayaking isn’t an option, look for some other experience that is outside the typical—such as waterskiing or some hard-core hiking. The key here is action, not so much a picnic in the shade. For a more extroverted man, meeting up with a group of friends is the perfect way to top off a perfect date. After an exhilarating day of adventure, your extroverted guy’s cup will runneth over as you join a group of friends, hand in hand with stories to tell, to finish off the day. Let him know that you have this one covered, and tell your friends what time to meet up.


“My dream date would take place at a nice cabin on a lake, preferably around the mountains. It would be a private area, but a town would be in driving distance to go in for dinner, to see a local band, or to grab a latte. The fridge would be stocked, and the weekend would just be ours to spend as we see fit.” —Eddie, 30

Who says guys don’t appreciate quality time? Your guy might very well be wishing that the two of you could go someplace quiet and escape from the world for a little while. A weekend getaway might be a splurge, but you could also opt for something local, and make it a day trip. Look into Airbnb rentals that you can make your home base for the day, or scout out a quiet spot nearby for the two of you to while away the hours—a corner of a local park or nearby mountain would be an ideal spot for a long and lazy picnic.

Tickets for two.

“My dream date would start with her surprising me with tickets to a Twins game and telling me that they are behind home plate (you did say ‘dream’). We go to the game, get some $10 ice cream, and afterward drive to the Stone Arch for a walk.” —Aaron, 20

This Minneapolis guy likes the idea of having you by his side when he’s in his element or experiencing something exciting. You may not be a baseball, soccer, or football fan, but if your guy is, it’s likely that he daydreams about cheering for his team with you by his side. Go all out for this one. Plan a tailgate, buy jerseys, and offer to drive so that he can indulge in a couple beers.

Make history.

“[My dream date] would revolve around an iconic and/or historic place and event such as the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Wimbledon, or the Palio di Siena (a horse race that is held twice each year). There’s nothing like combining beautiful locales with singular, exciting events that have cultural and historical significance. Talk about romantic.” —Isaac, 30

You are not the only person who dreams about exotic dates that involve “a new fantastic point of view”; guys dig that stuff, too! Sure, it would be awesome if you could splurge on tickets to Italy just for a quick gelato and horse race, but for many of us, that’s not an option. That’s OK, this guy wants to do something novel with you, so keep your eye out for exciting opportunities that you can experience together. A road trip to a neighboring state for a once-in-a-lifetime concert could fit the bill.

Planning a dream date for your man is a fun way to show him that you’re really thinking about what he likes. And if you’re lucky, he’ll plan one for you in return.