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The College Graduate’s Guide to a Grown-Up Closet


You walked across that stage and completed your undergraduate career—congratulations! As you head toward your professional one, you might look at your wardrobe of the past four years and wonder if your university sweatshirt is office appropriate (hint: It’s probably not).

A wardrobe makeover can seem even more daunting than finals week—not to mention brutal for a wallet already lightened by student loan payments. But, have no fear and look no further than the two simple steps below. We’ve got easy checklists for tossing and investing as you prep for the exciting future ahead.


The process of throwing out old clothes is cathartic; it allows us to mentally transition into adult life by reinventing ourselves with our wardrobe. So, it’s time to scrap your lecture-hall go tos and those clothes lingering from your high school days.


Throw out:

  • Sweatpants with logos across the rear
  • Your old sneakers from high school
  • All T-shirts with logos or writing across the chest
  • Babydoll dresses and tees


Buying business staples for your wardrobe will stretch out your closet for years and give you the professional mentality you need. It’s so much easier to feel confident with your new position at the office if you look the part. Go for classic silhouettes and neutral colors because they mix and match well with each other, which keeps your looks fun and varied. Below is a list of business wardrobe basics that every budding professional needs.