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Three Chic and Easy Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt

Make the same one work for any occasion.

When shopping for clothes, the most important question we may ask ourselves before committing to a purchase is, “How much am I really going to wear it?” I’ve wished I’d done this more in the past—say, before purchasing that expensive sundress I just had to have for an upcoming wedding (and haven’t worn since).

So when I came across a high-waisted graphic DVF skirt at T.J.Maxx, I immediately tried to curb my enthusiasm. The price was good, and the piece was high-quality. But was the pattern too loud and the skirt not practical enough? Now, several months after biting the bullet, I can say that that graphic skirt is something I reach for often and always feel great wearing.

The key to finding an eye-catching skirt with versatility is to choose one with a timeless silhouette, a great fit, and a color palette that can easily be considered neutral. See below for three ways to dress up or dress down a graphic skirt that’s—dare I say—a closet essential.


You may be tempted to shy away from bold patterns in the office, but when done correctly, they can actually showcase your personal style while staying professional. The cut of a knee-length, A-line skirt is still conservative enough for the office. Pairing one with other professional silhouettes (such as a fitted button-up blouse) keeps the look consistent and sharp. A pop of color from an accessory—such as a scarf or a bag—is just enough to bring the style up a notch without being too informal.


An A-line skirt is a fantastic, feminine choice for casual get-togethers with the girls, as long as everything else is kept casual. A graphic T-shirt tied in a knot is playful and will draw the eye to the slimmest part of the waist. Trendy mule shoes also help dress down a skirt because, while they’re still heels, they’re much more practical and comfortable than sky-high stilettos. And don’t forget a jacket in case the day goes into the night. A leather or jean jacket is perfect to rough up an otherwise sweet skirt.


Perhaps the most obvious time to wear a flattering, fun skirt is on a date. But it can be difficult to find the right top that’s flattering to pair with a high-waisted A-line skirt. A crop top that meets the skirt’s waistband helps highlight the tiniest part of a woman’s waist without showing too much skin. Then throw on a sleek leather jacket. If you’re wearing all neutral colors on top, don’t forget to wear a flirty pair of bright shoes on your feet.

Jennie Szink is a public relations professional and lifestyle blogger in Chicago. You can follow along with her day-to-day activities and outfit posts at or on her Instagram, @SincerelyJennie_.