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Add Some Easy Mad Men Style To Your Wardrobe


It's begun. The first episode of the final season of Mad Men premiered last night, and I personally, am an ecstatic and mournful mix of emotions (I never want it to end!). My husband and I have blown through the seven and a half seasons of seemingly steamy narratives and deprived characters via Netflix. I'm a champion of the AMC hit because it subtly provokes its viewers with intelligent moral quandaries—and of course, who can ignore the fabulous fashions?

We've had the pleasure of interviewing Janie Bryant, Mad Men's brilliant costume designer. I deeply admire her consistency, attention to detail, and passion for representing the glorious decade that is the sixties. The story lines of the three women below—Betty Draper, Peggy Olson, and Joan Holloway—are fascinating studies of the feminist movement, for better or worse, and these characters couldn't be more different when it comes to their stories or their styles.

Take a look below for shoppable, retro-inspired looks from these three leading ladies.



Betty Draper, Don Draper's wife for the first two seasons, is the epitome (or rather, caricature) of the typical early 1960s suburban housewife. If you love her style, pastels and florals in A-line or fit-and-flare silhouettes are the name of the game. And a good string of pearls is the icing on the cake.


1. Banana Republic, $98 / 2. Oasis, $65 / 3. Sole Society, $29 / 4. Nordstrom, $198 / 5. Topshop, $105 / 6. Sole Society, $70 / 7. J.Crew, $158 / 8. Oasis, $55  /9. Oasis, $99 / 10. Warehouse, $103



Peggy Olson begins as an earnest, hard-working blue-collar girl who ends up climbing the ladder and attempting to break through the "glass ceiling" within the agency. Her conservative, and yes, sometimes drab style, can be summed up with lots of plaid, gingham, polka dots, and neck scarves in colors like navy blue, brown, and maroon. But you won't see a drab look here!


1.  Sole Society, $22 / 2. Boden, $74 / 3. Nordstrom, $168 / 4. Sole Society, $65 / 5. Sole Society, $59 / 6. ModCloth, $59 / 7. ModCloth, $39 / 8. ModCloth, $49 / 9. ModCloth, $99



Joan Holloway reigns queen of the ad agency, and her "siren" character is hard to ignore. She has a Marilyn Monroe figure and sticks to solid colors, fitted sheaths that flatter her hourglass shape, boat necklines, and pencil skirts. She's a downright classic.

 1. BaubleBar, $42 / 2. Boden, $88 / 3. Sole Society, $55 / 4. Sole Society, $25 / 5. Sole Society, $70/ 6. Warehouse, $50 / 7. Warehouse, $57 /  8. Oasis, $77 / 9. Boden, $88