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Swimsuit Shopping for Your Body Type Made Easy

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Swimsuit season is around the corner—which of course means plenty of fitting-room fiascoes in the near future. But fret not! No matter your shape, we all have areas that need a little extra attention, whether for support and coverage or to highlight. So we found a bunch of gorgeous one-piece and tank options that address four general areas where we have our biggest suit concerns.

If you're looking to venture beyond our options, Anthropologie and Nordstrom have an awesome variety. We're also huge fans of Seafolly, an incredible Australian brand that has some of the best one-piece swimsuits out there (which are also carried at both Anthropologie and Nordstrom). Check out more fun options below for inspiration.


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1. ModCloth, $90 / 2. Nordstrom, $124 / 3. Anthropologie, $98 / 4. Nordstrom, $147

For those who are more “top-heavy” with a full bust, look for a suit that has sturdy halter straps or thicker regular straps to provide enough lift and support. If your hips are also narrower than your bust, a suit bottom that sits slightly higher on your hips will lengthen your legs and balance your larger bust.


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1. Anthropologie, $158 / 2. Anthropologie, $158 / 3. Anthropologie, $158 / 4. ModCloth, $90

If you have a pear shape, meaning your hips are larger than your bust, you'll look amazing in the classic, retro maillot fit with a lower, almost boy-short cut around the legs. The maillot provides great coverage around your hips and upper legs, smoothing out your silhouette. These suits also tend to have a sweetheart neckline and halter straps, which are universally feminine and flattering for every shape—always a win!


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1. ModCloth, $98 / 2. Anthropologie, $98 / 3. Anthropologie tankini, $78, and mid-rise bottom, $44 / 4. Zinke, $136

Some of you may be petite or straight and lean without much curve to your shape. To add in some curves, look for a pretty suit with ruffles or a peplum to provide a flirty flounce and an hourglass shape. A swimsuit with a belt or a pattern that breaks in the middle also gives the illusion of a cinched waist.


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1. Target, $35 / 2. Motherhood, $59 / 3. A Pea in the Pod, $88 / 4. Nordstrom, $91

Beautiful mamas-to-be obviously need fabulous suits that fit their bumps! There are a handful of cute options that provide extra fabric around the middle. Look for pieces that also have sturdy straps or halters to support your top as well. We like maillot cuts around the legs, especially if you're feeling more bottom-heavy than usual.