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3 Ways to Give Your Ponytail a Stylish Makeover

Give this tried-and-true updo a fresh look.
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Art Credit: via Pinterest

I'm a fan of the ponytail, but mine always ends up looking so, well, boring. As a hairstylist, I am constantly asked for a ponytail with a bit of a twist and some style, one that doesn't appear too done-up. You see, it’s all about making it look like you’re not trying. And good news, ladies: Give yourself just 15 minutes and you can achieve a totally amped-up and chic pony perfect for any occasion.

See below for my three favorite ponytails spotted on Pinterest—they're sure to give your typical 'do a little pizzazz.



(via Happily Grey)

This look is awesome for flat hair and for anyone tired of the topknot. This pony works best if you start with second-day dirty hair.

What you need:

curling iron or wand

texturizing spray (sea salt spray or texturizing dry shampoo)


teasing comb or brush

elastic band

01. Create loose waves with your curling iron or wand. These don’t have to be perfect; you just want to give your hair some extra bend and a bit of texture.

02. Spray sea salt spray or texturizing spray into the middle section of your hair down to the ends. Follow by scrunching and working the product into your hair. Optional: Tease your front section of hair at the root before using the elastic to secure your hair. This will give your pony that extra-voluminous look.

03. Use your brush to smooth out the sides of your hair and the back (underside). Leave the front and top a bit messy and secure your ponytail right under the crown of your head.

04. Tease the ponytail at the base of the tail just after the elastic. Gently tease the rest of the ponytail until your desired amount of tousle has been achieved.



(via A Cup of Jo)

This is the ideal ponytail to pair with a bold lip color, your favorite LBD, or simply a tank and leggings. A sleek ponytail with a part magically works for both an elegant evening or for heading from your morning yoga class to work. It's much easier to handle than a slicked back ponytail with no part—much more flattering, too!

What you need:

spray bottle with water

fine-tooth comb

boar bristle brush


elastic band

flat iron (if necessary)

01. Decide which part works for you. A side part is best for round or square faces, whereas a center part is best for heart-shaped or oval faces.

02. Create a super-straight part. If your hair is straight, spray a little bit of water onto your hair. Use your flat iron to straighten your hair if your hair is curly.

03. Smooth hair down; secure using hairspray and an elastic right above or at the nape of your neck.

04. To get rid of flyaways, spray the palms of your hands with hairspray and smooth over your hair. Finish by straightening the hair in your ponytail if necessary, and you’re ready to go!



(via The Small Things Blog)

This hairstyle is perfect for those of us (including me!) with a high forehead. If you’ve been wanting to try out bangs or are feeling a little mod, try this 'do.

What you need:

teasing comb or boar bristle brush


sea salt spray or texturizing dry shampoo

elastic band

bobby pins

01. Make a diagonal side part, lining up the beginning of the part with the outer edge of your eyebrow and following through at a diagonal toward the center of the top of your head.

02. Swoop the parted hair forward first and then to the side. Use hairspray to secure and a bobby pin (lower than your eyebrow) if your hair just doesn’t want to stay. This creates that faux-bangs look.

03. Use sea salt spray or dry shampoo to help texturize your hair at the crown. Tease for some extra messiness and height.

04. Secure your ponytail below the nape of the neck, either straight back or to one side, with an elastic. Adjust by pulling out strands and loosening up the top with your comb.