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5 Reasons I’d Rather Be Single On Valentine’s Day

Let's celebrate the upsides of being single today!

Art Credit: Garance Doré / Trunk Archive

I think it’s fair to say that between the Pinterest cakes and the ubiquitous red hearts, we are all a bit overexposed to the heady scent of romance hanging in the air. Yes, there are those who gobble up this holiday like a heart-shaped sugar cookie, but there are many of us—most particularly those of us who are single—who do not. But for those of you who are single, we don't need to bury our heads in the sand—yank it out and start smelling the roses! There are actually quite a few upsides to being single on Valentine’s Day.

01. It’s the one Saturday night of the year that nobody is guilting you into going out to meet men. 

This Valentine’s Day is probably the only Saturday night in the entire year no one will subtly insinuate that you should be out meeting men. Enjoy it! Instead, the pressure is on for all my happily coupled-off friends. This is the time of  year when, “What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?” sounds as if the true depth of your affection for your significant other hinges on the answer to this question. I mean, if you are as in love as you say you are, shouldn’t you be gazing into one another’s eyes over an expensive tasting menu? Sounds a bit like “if you want to meet someone, shouldn’t you be spending your Saturday night at a bar meeting men?” How the tables turn…

02. You can save some serious cash—and put it toward a spa day.

Valentine’s Day can be expensive, especially right on the heels of Christmas gifts galore. Take some joy in knowing that you are saving money, or really maximize your me-time and use what money you would have spent on a Valentine’s dress to go get a pedicure.

03. No battling for dinner reservations (or the dinnergoers)

Sure a romantic candlelit dinner sounds nice and romantic, but on Valentine’s Day everyone has the same idea. Honestly, who wants to have an intimate conversation shoulder to shoulder with another couple who is feeding each other overpriced caviar? Be glad you don’t have to face the throngs on Saturday night. In fact, last Valentine’s Day I stopped by a local restaurant to order some tiramisu to go and the host was so busy he gave it to me for free. Maybe I will get lucky again this year!

04. It’s cold out and you get to hunker down inside. Score!

It is February and, depending on where you are in the world, it’s likely pretty cold. But, you can curl up where it’s nice and cozy if you so wish. This is your Saturday night as much as it is all those lovie-dovy people’s, so own it. Don’t rush to make plans, but give yourself a personal day to treat yourself well. Read that book you have been dying to pick up, soak in a luxurious bath (complete with special oils and bubbles), or take a step toward a resolution (like signing up for a class or buying a plane ticket to see a friend).

05. A default girls night, no harried scheduling!

The other perk of Valentine’s Day is that all your single girl friends will likely be game for enjoying a girls night. Girlfriends are a gift and Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to celebrate that. Host a dinner party in and revel in your ability to spent time with each other.