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Learning how to layer different staple piece to flatter your figure can be intimidating, and many women—like me—try to steer clear of wearing multiple pieces for fear of looking bulky or frumpy. But combining the right items, like a cropped jacket and dress or leggings and a maxi (yes, really!) can actually accentuate and highlight your form. Who doesn't want to wear an extra layer or two during this winter-y season?

We had Megan Evans, founder of The Well Coiffed Closet and stylist for our previous feature "Find the Perfect Jeans to Fit Your Body Shape,"give us a few pointers on how to layer for your body shape. Special thanks to our lovely volunteer models—who we can envy from afar for their sunny L.A. weather.



Art Credit:

"With a tall and lean form, Erica can pull off long layers, like this midi skirt with a cropped top and short jacket, both of which help define her waist. I love the mix of navy, black, and brown for fall and winter."


Midi Skirt, Zara, $60 


Cropped Top, H&M, $13

/ Jacket and jewelry, Erica's own



"With Shinay's hourglass shape, we wanted to tastefully highlight her waistline and beautiful legs. This high-waisted pencil skirt lengthens her form and gives structure, while the belt cinches her waist. The cropped jacket and longer, untucked top add a bit more length to her silhouette and balance her curvy form."


Biker Jacket,H&M, $60 / Denim Top, H&M, $30 / Skirt, H&M, $13 (similar ) / Belt, Madewell, $45  / Necklace, Madewell, $35 / Wedges, Shinay's own



"For Shirel, creating a longer line is key, and this sheer maxi dress with slits up each side gives her just that, while still showing she has legs! This great H&M jacket hits her at the perfect place below her hips, which helps balance a pear shape and again, creates and accentuates that long line you're trying to achieve. Black pump wedges are just the icing on the cake."


Maxi Dress, Press Collection, H&M /

Leggings, H&M, $20

 (similar) /

Jacket, H&M $60

(similar) /

Ring, Forever 21, $3

(similar) /

Earrings, J.Crew, $65

(similar) /

Wedges, H&M, $35



"We needed to create some angles and curves for Melissa’s petite, straight frame, so I put her in a fit-and-flare dress with a blazer. The skirt gives her hips, while the top emphasizes her waist. The zipper on the front comes down to a V-neck, which also elongates her overall silhouette and frames her beautiful face."


Dress, H&M, $40 (similar) / Blazer, H&M, $35 / Earrings, Madewell, $28 / Cuff and shoes, Melissa's own

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