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This Easy, Natural Makeup Look Is Perfect For the Winter

Celebrate your natural beauty with this simple tutorial.


Bright red lips and black eyeliner are classic for going out on the weekend, but a softer and warmer makeup look has made its winter debut. Berry-toned lipstick and earthy brown eye shadow make a perfect pair with their rich tones and will create a fresh and youthful glow. Subtle enough for day and sophisticated enough for night, this look will highlight your natural beauty all winter long.


What you'll need:

1. Brown shimmery shadow

2. Dark brown liner

3. Black mascara

4. Berry toned lip pencil

5. Berry toned lipstick

6. Concealer & concealer brush


01. Apply dark brown eyeliner in between the lashes and smudge out on the top of the lash line.


02. Apply a brown shimmery eye shadow to the eyelid with the most dense application toward the lash line. Follow the shadow up into the eye crease and contour the eye using the same shadow.


03. Smudge the shadow into the lower lash line—starting with the outer corner of the eye and then bring to the inner.


04. Curl lashes and apply mascara.


05. Line your lips with a berry-toned lip liner and then fill in your lips using the same lip liner.


06. Apply a berry-toned lipstick straight from the tube onto your lips.


07. Use concealer with a brush to clean up the line and to keep the lipstick from bleeding out at the edges.

Check out our easy step-by-step video tutorial for more!