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9 Reasons a Man Can Never Replace Your Girlfriends

Whatever your relationship status, you need your girls.

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Women are notorious for going into a relationship with the expectation that their man will meet their heart's every desire. I hate to burst your bubble, but this is just not true. A man can be your best friend, the yin to your yang, your better half—but he will never take the place of a good girlfriend. Why? Simply put, because he is a dude and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

If you find yourself cuddled up with your girlfriends, daydreaming together about “like this, but even better,” keep dreaming. Your future husband will no doubt enjoy cuddling up with you, but it won’t be “like this” and it won’t necessarily be “even better.” You will be having different conversations and it will be a different kind of wonderful.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, your girlfriends fuel your life in a way even the most attentive man never can. You need your girls. Here are nine reasons why.

01. You need them for basic celebrity banter.
Chances are your significant other is just not as up-to-par as your posse on the Hollywood front. Zac Efron is dating who?! Miley wore what?! You most likely have the same taste in entertainment or at least find the same celebrities ridiculous. And it's the small joy of seeing a group text or article link in your inbox from your girls that can get you through the end of a tough workday.

02. They help you cope with stress better.
Your girlfriends are way more helpful dealing with stress than men, according to a UCLA study. Men typically respond to stress with a fight-or-flight attitude, meaning "when confronted by stress, individuals either react with aggressive behavior, such as verbal conflict and more drastic actions, or withdraw from the stressful situation," says lead study author Shelley E. Taylor. Women, on the other hand, reacted with a 'tend-and-befriend' response, by protecting and nurturing their young (the 'tend' response) and seeking social contact and support from others, especially other females (the 'befriend' response). So you can thank evolution for your girlfriends being more calm, cool, and collected during your next crisis.

03. They actually upload pics to Facebook.
Without your girlfriends, Facebook would be even more of a Sahara than it already is. They keep your social media fresh—unabashedly posting pictures of your weekend trip, Christmas tree purchase, and of course, a photo collage commemorating your birthday. They make sure Mark Zuckerburg stays afloat.

04. They increase your odds of surviving during serious illness.
A recent study tracked the social connections of women with breast cancer to their survival rates. Women with 10 or more friends were four times more likely to survive their cancer than those who tried to get through cancer alone. Even more interesting... the study found that having a spouse did not show a survival benefit but having many friendships did.

05. They understand periods.

06. They've got you when you need a quick fashion opinion.
Let's give a giant emoji thumbs up for the invention of online shopping and Gchat. An entire mall (and more) is available at your fingertips. And when you need a 'yes or no,' seconds from biting the bullet on a pair of boots you've been eyeing on ASOS, you are a chat and a click away from a solid answer.

07. They never underestimate the importance of coffee.
Coffee first, everything after. Your girls get this better than anyone. They also know the unparalled excitement that is #PSL season. (#basic #sorrynotsorry)

08. They always know the perfect gift to give.
Bridal shower? Baby baptism? And what the heck do you give your boss for Christmas? Your girls have the answers for any gift-buying need.

09. Your girlfriends are honestly some of the best people in your life.
One study found that women have way higher expectations of choosing their friends than men do. The study found women have higher expectations for trust, loyalty, commitment, genuineness, and acceptance. So you've most likely made the best decision when it comes to whom your closest friends are. Kudos to you!