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How Do You Wear It? Our Editors Work the Chic Sneaker Trend


“How Do You Wear It?“ is a monthly style challenge issued by our editors to you, our lovely readers.While we love to follow trends, to be honest, we take most of our fashion inspiration from the everyday women in our lives. So show us how you're wearing it, and we'll keep on gathering inspiration from one another!

Up this month: chic sneakers! We love the practical, comfy, and surprisingly stylish footwear fad. Whether you’re wearing Nikes, Adidas, Pumas, or Chucks, we want to see how you sport your kicks. The other editors and I are jumpstarting the callout below. But, remember, what we really want is to see your gorgeous selves, so share your pics!

Just tag a photo of yourself on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with @verilymag and #verilystyle, and we’ll feature our favorite looks right here on