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Our Pick of Etsy’s Best Cozy Winter Accessories


Art Credit: via Iris Mint

Why don't I turn to Etsy more often? I bought my cathedral-length wedding veil for a steal on Etsy, yet when it comes to everyday pieces, I always end up back at the big box stores. But as the temps drop and my mind turns to cozy accessories and practical holiday gifts, Etsy flickers like a promising light in my foggy brain at the onset of winter.

One problem is trying to sift through the selection. Chock-full of oversized and chunky knit scarves, warm woolen mittens, and pom-pom hats galore, Etsy has an amazing quantity of options. So I've narrowed down my favorite finds for you to peruse, whether a gift for a special someone or yourself!



1. Plexida, $33 / 2. Winter White Knits, $37  / 3. The Sun and The Turtle, $48  / 4. The Knitting Sea, $26  / 5. The Classy Crocheter, $27



1. AIY Shop, $49 / 2. Article Apparel, $44 / 3. Happy Laika, $47 / 4. My Tiny Tree, $33 / 5. JMarieCreates, $36



1. Iris Mint, $98 / 2. Ollas Creation, $38 / 3. Tarstitch, $40 / 4. Texturable, $130 / 5. The Mad Rabbit Shoppe, $130