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An Introvert’s Guide to Meeting and Mingling on Halloween Night

This is the ideal time to express yourself in a creative and genuine way.

Art Credit: Taylor McCutchan

Halloween night is generally thought of as the one day of the year you can pretend to be someone else. It's a time when we have full reign on an imaginary fantasy world and the ability to hide behind the façade of a costume and a new and exciting persona. But this year, instead of hiding behind your costume, what about using it to express yourself in a creative and genuine way? If you're single, and especially if you're shy and reserved, Halloween is a golden opportunity to try your hand at introductions and an easy way to break the ice when it comes to meeting men.

Sarah Gooding, dating coach at PlentyOfFish, offers four tips for truly making the most of Halloween night.

01. Choose a costume that plays to your personal interests.

Costumes based on your interests will attract people that share those interests, making it much more natural to strike up a conversation. For instance, if you love football, how about dressing up as a fan or cheerleader from your favorite team? If you’re a Netflix fan, why not dress up as someone from your favorite show? If someone recognizes you and your colorful button-up sweater, white lab coat, as Mindy from the Mindy Project, or your short blonde bob and form-fitting little black dress as Claire from House of Cards, it’s likely you’ll already have plenty to talk about.

02. Consider an interactive costume.

If you’re heading to a Halloween party where you don't know many people, consider an interactive costume that involves participation from other partygoers. A PlentyOfFish user from NYCwent as a graffiti wall one Halloween. She wore all white, carried around a few markers, and asked partygoers to contribute their creativity to her blank canvas. Another PlentyOfFish user named Samantha, dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and handed out candies from her basket all night. Both costumes give you an easy way to approach someone you have your eye on on Halloween night.

03. Skip the bulky costume.

Costumes that take up a lot of space (particularly those made from large cardboard boxes), or require makeup from head to toe, are difficult to get around in, especially when you’re at a crowded bar or house party. These costumes attract attention at the beginning of the night, but by midnight your costume is usually on the floor, or haunting the personal space of anyone who happens to walk by. Other partygoers will usually try to steer clear of costumes like these rather than attempt closeness, which isn’t ideal when you’re single and wanting to make new friends.

04. Don’t pass up the man in the mask.

With all of the wigs, makeup, and masks worn on Halloween night, it might be easy to pass by people you can’t quite get a good look at. But take note: The unknown and mysterious are often the hidden gems! Don’t be shy to approach these people. A mask is a great conversation piece and a way to keep up flirtatious banter. You may just get a wicked surprise of your own when they reveal their true identity.

Sure, Halloween is a chance to cut loose and have fun, but being thoughtful about your costume on Halloween is an opportunity to put your best foot forward as well!