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Effortlessly Cool Ways to Style the Shirt Tied Around the Waist Trend


Tying a flannel or chambray around your waist used to be out of mere convenience (or perhaps a severe case of nineties nostalgia), but this look is making a big comeback among street stylers and fashion designers alike.

No longer for only grunge rockers or busy soccer moms, the “tied around your waist” trend evokes an effortlessly cool vibe as if to say, “Oh, I just tied it here because I was getting warm…”

Lucky for us, this trend is easy, simple, and doesn't break the bank. You only need a button-up shirt and voilà! Instant cool girl.

Below we have inspiration for four unique ways to work the trend, whether with classic leather, eclectic prints, casual chambray, or feminine florals. We've even found a cute and daring DIY to make your own skirt out of an oversized shirt!



We can’t completely exclude 1990s grunge, so we’ll sneak it in with a decidedly 2014 sharp leather jacket. To keep this look classy, put aside the band T-shirts and stick to simple, solid colored tees. Tying the flannel higher up on the hips and around the smallest part of your waist will create a flattering skirt-like silhouette, especially if the leather jacket is slightly cropped. We loved, LovelyByLucy's edgy night-on-the-town look: The black jeans and leather purse are rocker while still elegant.



If you're feeling a little more funky, mixing patterns can give you more panache. The key to not looking like a train wreck is to keep the foundation classic: like SincerelyJules and her tailored pants, lady-like pumps, and white tee. A tip for mixing patterns is to stick to one color palette, in this case, dark, hunter greens. The deep greens and navy in the tailored pant pick up the camo tones, working together to create a complementary ensemble.



A light blue chambray shirt is a versatile staple which pairs with practically anything you own in your closet. Tying a button-down shirt around any loose-fitting blouse will create an hourglass silhouette. To balance out a looser top, make sure to choose a more fitting pant, as a flowing top with loose pants will look frumpy. In this street style shot from WhoWhatWear, the chambray shirt cinches the waist and contrasts against the overall bright and white look.



Again, tying a shirt around your waist can add an hourglass shape. In this case, from FashionVibe, the shirt actually creates the illusion of a second skirt and is surprisingly feminine! Dark florals are one of fall's biggest trends and following the principle of mixing prints within the same color palette, the classic red and black flannel picks up the rosy red, pink, and black of the rose-patterned dress. Remember, you can do this with any color scheme, and it's a fun look for the weekend or girl's night out.



If you’re loving this quirky trend, you might want to take it one step further with this DIY from Swell, inspired by Park&Cube, and learn how to turn a men’s oversized button-up shirt into a trendy pencil skirt. No sewing involved!