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Feminine and Edgy: Verily's Version of the New French Braids


Ready to throw a wild card into your typical hairstyle routine? Try these new French braids, also known as the “faux undercut.” We’ve seen plenty of celebrities and models lately forgoing elaborate updos on the red carpet in favor of these braids for a more relaxed and edgy look. They're the best of both worlds: You'll be sure to stop friends in their tracks because of this do’s “wow” factor, but still feel feminine and pretty.

Get inspired by these fun looks and then check out our quick how-to below.


01. Start with texturized, day-old hair, or use dry shampoo to amp up the volume. Create a deep side part on the side of the head where your hair naturally lays.

02. On the side with less hair, use a fine-toothed comb to separate 2 to 3 sections of hair in straight lines. (If this sounds confusing, imagine that you're making 2 to 3 mini French braids on the side of your head where your hair isn’t parted over.)

03. Tie off the thicker section of hair that is parted over to ensure no strands get caught in the braid-making process on the other side of your head.

04. Choose a section of hair to start French braiding. Make sure you keep the braids taut and in parallel lines. Braid up to 3 sections.

05. You can stop the braids where your part stops and tie them off with clear rubber bands at the curve of your head. Or you can finish braid as you would the end of a normal French braid. Now walk outside and feel super cool with your feminine-rocker look!

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