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Fall Date Ideas to Help You Savor the Season

Don’t let fall pass away without enjoying the crisp cool air with your man.

Art Credit: Jessica Rose Smith

The time has come for reveling in light jackets, pumpkin everything, and the strangely delightful scent of decomposing leaves. But soon all the color and pumpkin lattes will be gone and you'll be covered head to toe in down and wool. So don’t let fall pass away without enjoying the crisp cool air with your man. Here are 10 fall date ideas that will help you savor the fall (and won’t kill you with smarm.)

01. Go horseback riding.
Every little girl fantasizes about riding horseback through the woods on some exciting adventure, right? Add a little bit of that fantasy back into your life now that you are all grown up, Sure, you probably won't have the wind in your hair (and probably will be led by a safety-conscious guide), but spending a day horseback riding is a fun way to enjoy the fall foliage and do something out of the ordinary. Bonus: It's way more of a workout that you might anticipate!

02. Take an afternoon hike and sunset picnic.
Hiking is one of my favorite dates during any season, but in the fall you have the added bonus of an elevated heart rate without the perspiration. Take on a mountain in the afternoon and bring a picnic and blankets. You can check the sunset schedule and settle in for your picnic while the sun drops. You may not want to be at the top of the mountain for your viewing, unless you can be sure to get down the mountain before it gets too dark (usually you will have about a half hour).

03. Borrow some kids and hit up a pumpkin patch.
Why the children? A male friend of mine explained to me that this is the best way to enjoy a pumpkin patch and hayride. It serves the dual purpose of giving your sibling/friend a break from the kids for a couple hours and gives you a chance to see your guy at his best (nothing is more attractive than seeing a man play with a kid).

04. Create festive fall care packages for the homeless.
You know he is a keeper when he helps you to be the best version of yourself. If he is down for a little do-gooding or—better yet—encourages you to be more generous with your time, then things are on the right track! Collect and pack a little fall care package, with things like sandwiches, seasonal cookies, and snacks.

05. Embark on a haunted or historic house tour.
Whether you are touring a revolutionary American manor or a spooky house with a tragic past, this is an opportunity to take a walk through history. And you'll probably get to hold hands, too.

06. Go to a college football game and tailgate beforehand.
Even if you are not rooting for your alma mater, hitting the stands is always exhilarating. Get there early for a little tailgating fun, complete with grilled food, music, and a football for you and your guy to throw around.

07. Settle in for a night around a bonfire (if you're lucky enough to have a backyard).
This cozy fall activity can really be tacked onto the end of any date—it's a great way to relax after a day of adventure or even to just decompress after a busy work day. The bonfire creates instant ambiance and functional warmth. Don’t forget the s’mores!

08. Watch a scary movie and hand out candy.
This is a fun way to enjoy Halloween if you are not in the mood for dressing up and going out. Make dinner in, pop in a scary movie, and pass out candy to those eager little trick-or-treaters. If the newer guts and gore flicks don't appeal to you, try out some of Hitchcock's spooky flicks (Rear Window starring Jimmy Steward and Grace Kelly is my personal favorite).

09. Tour a brewery.
If you and your man are beer lovers, there is nothing like a tour of where the magic happens. Treat yourself to a flight of the season's specialty brews and test your palate—you may like dark beers more than you think!

10. Sign up for a turkey trot 5k or hot chocolate 5k.
Whether a 5k is a challenge for you or not, a festive race is a fun project to take on together. Train up a little before hand so you can give him a run for his money and afterwards you are both bound to feel great!