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Clever No-Sew Halloween Costume Ideas


We’ve got a week left to plan our All Hallow’s Eve get-ups. But sometimes our creative juices can dry up on what to wear when it comes to costumes.

So we've rounded up a few costume ideas that don’t require sewing (phew!), and at the most, require a trip to the local thrift store or nearby shop. It's all about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously, so no stress if you can't create the perfect ensemble—it's only Halloween after all! Think of your favorite characters from movies or TV shows, old Hollywood stars, or even iconic brands, and with a little imagination we know you'll look fantastic at your holiday shindig.



Mary Poppins, the beloved lead of P.L. Travers series, is most memorable in Disney's 1964 rendition with Julie Andrews. Her prim and proper feminine look requires a few wardrobe staples like a long-sleeved white blouse and midi skirt. Pop on a red bow-tie and bowler hat and carry an umbrella—it'll be quite the jolly holiday!

1. Umbrella / 2. Bowler hat (with fake flowers) / 3. Black tights / 4. White blouse with buttons / 5. Bow-tie / 6. Black booties / 7.  Navy blue or black midi skirt / 8. A spoonful of sugar to boot!



For a sweet and super-easy costume, look no further than your spice cabinet. The Morton Salt Girl is uber-cute with a yellow dress and white tights. Be sure to carry an umbrella and an open canister of Morton's! Keep your makeup simple and wear your hair with a heavy side-part, or you can even tuck it up into a 'faux-bob'!

1. Yellow dress / 2. Yellow peacoat / 3. Mary Janes / 4.  White tights / 5. Bubble umbrella / 6. Morton Salt, of course!

LUCILLE BLUTH, Socialite//


This one is for all you Arrested Development fans. Lucille Bluth, the matron of the Bluth family, is an over-the-top, controlling, self-medicating, self-absorbed socialite with barely a speck of motherly love and a tongue that cuts. You hate her as much as you love her, and her get-up is as simple as a dry martini. Wear a matching skirt suit and pile on the makeup. Don costume jewelry like broaches and clip-on earrings, throw on kitten heels and keep a cocktail in hand. Bonus points if you can pull off the terrible ‘winking’ face, as shown.

1. Matching skirt suit / 2. Martini glass / 3. Cocktail ring / 4. Statement studs / 5. Kitten heels / 6. Sparkly necklace



I've always been scared of Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family. Her deadpan, monotone voice is creepy enough, let alone her fascination with death. And she dresses like it! One of the easiest costumes to pull off, you'll just need a white, collared shirt and black, long or short-sleeved dress with knee socks and oxfords or boots. There are even dresses that come with both! Part your hair down the middle, plait your hair into two braids, and be ready to give everyone the evil eye all night.

1. Black tights or knee-socks  / 2. similar, Black, long sleeved dress with white collar / 3. Black oxfords or booties



You can look to pretty much any Wes Anderson flick for costume inspiration, especially for couples. Margo and Richie Tenenbaum of The Royal Tenenbaums are iconic—and best of all—simple characters to imitate. For Margo, wear an eclectic mash: a preppy polo dress, oversized fur, and black penny loafers. Center part, faux bob or wig, the heaviest eye makeup you've ever worn, plus a fake cigarette are all you need. And maybe a fake wooden finger, if you're really dedicated.

1. Red barrette / 2. Black loafers / 3. Fake cigarettes / 4. Heavy, coal-lined eye-makeup / 5. Faux fur coat / 6. Polo dress / 7.  Blonde wig

Richie Tenenbaum just needs a striped shirt, sweat band,tan sport coat, and thick-rimmed aviators.



The easiest of all costume couples—well, at least for the guy. The famous duo look, Johnny Cash and June Carter, is simple to achieve, and both of you together will really makes this costume sing! You'll need a pretty powder blue A-line dress (or anything else fit for a fifties prom), black pumps, and teased, bouffant hair with a heavy side-part.

1. A-line dress / 2. Black pumps / 3. Cocktail Ring / 4. Cocktail earrings

He'll just need a pair of black slacks and a black shirt, plus a guitar if you have one!



Forrest Gump is the perfect inspirational film. Forrest's character is easy to nail, while Jenny Curran, his life-long friend, changes throughout the decades. Jenny's early style is the ultimate hippie, with a long flowing dress, leather vest, and chunky leather belt. Wear your hair down and natural with a small accent braid, and keep your makeup very natural. Finish with a choker necklace and simple sandals, and you'll look ready to take in the sunshine.

1. White dress / 2.  Belt/ 3.Fringed vest / 4. Sandals

For your date to be Forrest, he'll need a blue  plaid short-sleeved shirt,red baseball hat, khakis, and running sneakers. 



For the eighties-lovers out there, Back to the Future's Marty McFly and his high-school love interest, Jennifer Parker, are the retro couple to imitate. Think oversized and high-waisted everything. For Jennifer, you'll need floral denim, an oversized white blouse, thick socks and white tennies, as well as a scrunchie and teased bangs for effect. 

1. White socks / 2. Oversized white blouse  / 3. Denim vest / 4. White sneakers / 5. Floral high-waisted pants, similar here.

Marty will need: a plaid, short-sleeved button-up, black suspenders,red T-shirt, high-top sneakers, denim jacket, and a red puffer vest.



Bueller, anyone? Another 1980s classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, features Ferris and Sloane, witty high-schoolers who are brilliant at cutting class, and their outfits are sure to get a laugh. Sloane may be a challenge with her white, leather fringe jacket, but if you're really dedicated, try going vintage or thrift shopping, especially on this Etsy page. Pair with knee-length shorts and white boots, and you're too cool for school.

1. Leather jacket / 2. Shorts / 3. Boots

Your Ferris will need: white tee, Classic Ferris vest, and dark-rinse jeans