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The Prettiest DIY Metallic Lace Cuff Bracelets


We love a good excuse to get crafty, and these metallic lace bracelets are our latest love. Unique and feminine, these cuff bracelets are a chic accessory for any outfit. Plus they're a great activity to do with your girlfriends during a casual night in. Kirsten Nunez of Studs & Pearls shows us how to DIY our own.



Crocheted Lace Trim

Fabric Scissors

Wax Paper

Fabric Stiffener, I use

Mod Podge® Stiffy® Fabric Stiffener 

Metallic Spray Paint (Bright Finish), I use 

Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint


2 Jump Rings (8-10mm)

Jewelry Clasp

Paint Brush or Foam Brush

01. Cut a length of trim measuring 12 inches long.



02. Place the trim on wax paper, and apply a healthy amount of fabric stiffener. Let dry for a few hours until the trim is completely stiffened.

03. Head outside and place the trim on a protective surface, such as newspaper or old magazines. Apply an even coat of spray paint, following the can's directions.

04. Let dry overnight.


05. Wrap the trim around your wrist. Determine how much you need to cut in order to create a bracelet that comfortably fits you.

06. Cut accordingly.


07. With the pliers, open one jump ring. All you need to do is twist it sideways a bit so that the ring maintains its circle shape.


08. Connect the jump ring to one end of the trim, and bend to close.


09. At the other end, add the second jump ring and jewelry clasp.


There you have it! Now go have fun telling everyone who compliments your new bangles that you made them yourself.



For more style DIYs, check out Kirsten over at Studs & Pearls and on Twitter @kirsten_nunez for fresh ideas.