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Verily Loves: The Americans' Easy 80s Vintage Style


We’re thrilled to launch our monthly style capsule collections! The Verily editors will share their inspiration for trending fashion and personally curate their favorite looks for Verily Shops. Whether inspired by the art world, history, novels, films, or a snapshot, anything goes.

This month, we’re kicking off the series with Kara Eschbach, Verily co-founder and editor in chief, whose finger is always on the pop culture pulse. Read on to capture Kara’s shopping wish list.

I’ll admit it: I’m an entertainment junkie. The only magazine I read faithfully week-in, week-out is Entertainment Weekly. And yet, I resist the urge to actually watch most TV shows—seriously, who has the time? But every so often, my curiosity gets the better of me and I break down to binge-watch a series that has piqued my interest (hats off to you, Downton Abbey hype machine). A couple of months ago I was perusing the Amazon Prime catalog and came across The Americans. What harm can the pilot be? I thought. Twenty-six-odd hours is the harm, that’s what.


While the show is truly more about marriage and family than it is about cold war-style espionage (which it certainly is—and more than earns its TV-MA rating for some graphic sex and violence, be warned), The Americans manages to be a ridiculously great period piece. Opening in 1980 suburban Virginia, The Americans takes a page out of Mad Men’s book, with both historical marking points (the assassination attempt on President Reagan, the proxy war in Nicaragua) and a great wardrobe department.


1. Asos, blazer $64 / 2. Asos, tank $21 / 3. Asos, pant $76 / 4. Asos, heel $46 / 5. Piperlime, watch $125 / 6. Baublebar, necklace $36

Elizabeth Jennings, played brilliantly by Keri Russell, embodies a classy, feminine, 70s career woman vibe. It’s far less about plunging glittery dresses and more flowing blouses and delicate gold chain necklaces—I believe I’ve even spied a DVF wrap-dress or two. Well, what’s old is new again, and plenty of these silhouettes have been making an appearance on the rack circa summer 2014. While I never quite got into dressing like Betty Draper, this is a kind of vintage I’m happy to hop on board with.


1. Mango, blouse $89  / 2. Topshop, jumpsuit $100 / 3. Asos, heels $36 / 4. Piperlime Michael Kors, watch $180 / 5. LOFT, necklace $34.50

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