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Summer Date Ideas You and Your Guy Will Love


Art Credit: Shannon Lee Miller

Props to the guy who has spent the summer paddling you around in a rowboat and planning lavish picnics under the stars. But the summer is not over yet, and now it's your turn to plan the date.

Skip the grunt work of weeding through the copious amount of date ideas out there—the majority of which are either super cheesy (it's shocking how many people suggest you build a silk tent filled with cushions and candles) or super creepy (like watching your local neighborhood kids play basketball). We've done it for you! Here are five of the best summer date ideas to try before the summer runs out.

01. Yard/Estate Sale

This is definitely one of the more clever ideas out there. Do your research and plot out one to three of the more promising yard sales taking place near you. Grab coffee to go and head out early (most sales kick off around 9 a.m.). This is a great way to just goof around and get a better sense of one another's personal taste. Bonus: You may even be able to persuade him to replace that piece of decorative memorabilia from his college frat days.

02. Sunset Hike and Post-Hike Pub Visit

There are few things that compliment each other better than the beauty of the outdoors and a well-assembled alcoholic drink. This is an easy date to pull off during the work week, while the days are a little bit longer. It doesn't have to be an hour-long hike, just a stroll where it's quiet and the trees are tall. Then take him out for a drink at a local outdoor watering hole. Even better? Prepare a special cocktail to sip in a quiet outdoor spot and watch the fireflies appear.

03. Minor League Baseball

Everybody enjoys baseball—if not for the game itself, for the atmosphere and the cheap hot dogs and beer. That being said, there is something hopeful and more exciting about rooting for the guys who have not yet made it to the top. Treat your guy to a beer and hot dog, if he will let you, and root for the minor league home team.

04. Geocaching

Nothing makes a guy feel more like a man than a quest, and there are few thing a woman enjoys more than pointing her man in the right direction. Geocaching is a modern, outdoor treasure hunt using the GPS on your cell phone. Simply sign up for free and pick your coordinates. Pack a picnic and a keepsake to swap for the booty.

05. Night Bowling

A summer evening take on a rainy day classic—and we're not talking about bowling at your local lanes! Just insert glow sticks into ten full water bottles and arrange like a bowling alley in your backyard or local park. Use any ball to knock down the pins. Now turn up a throwback playlist and flirt a little! This Pinterest-inspired date night is a great way to spend a summer evening and enjoy some playful competition.