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We have a minor fashion obsession with midi skirts: the universally versatile, flattering, and wonderfully feminine piece perfect for any occasion and any season. The question is, how do you style this seemingly awkward over-the-knee or mid-calf-length skirt for your particular shape?

Kat and Em of The Refined Woman showed us how to wear the right midi skirt for different body types in styles that flatter. These two believe fashion communicates a woman's personality and grace. And with the help of real-women models Maxine, Rachel, and Delbarr, they did just that.

The tips below will help you style this closet staple—and make it work for both your body shape and taste.

body shape, body types, female body types

Art Credit: Kat Harris


Delbarr Moradi, 31, Photographer, @delbarrmoradi

If you're bust and hip measurements are the same but you have a smaller waist, a midi skirt will look best with a higher waistline. Pair it with high heels or wedges to lengthen your legs and add proportion to your frame. By tucking in your top, you'll be sure to highlight your waist and not drown in fabric.

The soft lilac of this longer pleated midi skirt pairs well with a chunky oversized sweater, and the thick lace of the tank underneath adds another fun layer of texture to Delbarr's outfit. The suede black pumps keep the outfit simple and refined and create a nice contrast with the soft lilac and cream in the rest of her look. It's the perfect outfit for a midweek date night—cute and comfy!

body shape, body types, female body types

body shape, body types, female body types

(similar) Pleated Midi / Lace Tank / Chunky Sweater Gold Necklace / Suede Pumps

body shape, body types, female body types


Rachel Logan, 31, Mama, Food Blogger, @supperatsix

You have a "pear"

body type

if your hip measurement is greater than your bust. A midi skirt that rests on your natural waist and has a slight A-line silhouette is the most complementary fit. This classic skirt paired with a knotted (or tucked-in) button-up highlights your waist and creates an hourglass line. Balance the appearance of your bottom half with a structured top and chunky necklace. A flowy bottom like this skirt glides over your curves and incorporates a fun mix of preppy and feminine tastes. A pair of nude wedges will elongate your legs, which is important when you're wearing a longer skirt.We also love this look because as a way to transition those Hawaiian prints we've been wearing all summer to fall. Wear it for a dinner party with friends, even if you're the mastermind behind the food like Rachel usually is!

body shape, body types, female body types

body shape, body types, female body types

Hawaiian Shirt / (similar) Skirt / Statement NecklaceGlasses / Suede Wedges

body shape, body types, female body types

BOX //

Maxine Sferra, 22, Photographer and Barista, @maxinesferra

If your bust, waist, and hip measurements are all very similar, you can easily add more shape with your midi skirt. A slim-fitting midi skirt like this one will elongate your lean shape. The palm print on this midi makes for an awesome outfit centerpiece so you can keep the rest of the outfit fairly neutral. A simple cotton tee and a linen sweater balance out the print and give it a sophisticated edge.  We would totally wear this look in the summer, but in the fall, you could easily swap out the shirt or the sweater with an aubergine tee or a black knit.

body shape, body types, female body types

body shape, body types, female body types

Palm Skirt, Warehouse - coming soon / Simple Tee / Linen Sweater / Watch / Bracelet

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Photos and styling by The Refined Woman. Special thanks to WAREHOUSE and OASIS for the fantastic selection of midi skirts!