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5 Fun (and Affordable) Ways to Make the Most Of Your Girl Time This Weekend

Don't waste all your precious girl time on bad chick flicks and take-out.

Art Credit: Nima Salimi

How often do we squander precious girl time on bad chick flicks and take-out food? Way too often. Girl time is a rare opportunity to indulge in those things that are just far more enjoyable without the boys and help each other grow into the women we want to be. A few of our favorites? Check out the list below.

01. Salsa Dancing

One of the only times a group of women can go out dancing with strange men who really do "just want to dance." If you're a novice, check out what clubs near you have classes beforehand, and learn a few steps together. It's both a workout and an excuse to put on a fun dress.

02. Makeup Trials

We are all pressing our noses into the pages of style magazines trying to figure out how some celebrity did her hair or makeup. Girls' night can be an opportunity to finally put your curiosity to rest. Pull up one of the many YouTube tutorials and uncork a bottle of wine. Practice makes perfect and you will have your friends with you for moral support. And be sure to watch Verily'scat eye and milkmaid braid tutorials, too!

03. Gourmet Test Kitchen

Girls' night is the perfect opportunity to try out that recipe that calls for things like "infusions," "reductions," or "caramelization." (I recently attempted this and it was a disaster.) It's always nice to have a few fancy recipes up your sleeve, but it's a lot safer—and more fun—to practice first with friends.

04. Spa Night

I grew up with five older sisters who were also my best friends, so you can imagine what a night in looked like for us—nail painting, face masks, and back massages were givens. Not everyone has the budget for manicures and stress-relieving massages, but your girlfriends are definitely the next best thing! It's a treat to have your nails painted for you for a change, and when you're with your girlfriends, you don't have to worry about a massage meaning anything other than a massage.

05. Game Night—At a Nursing Home

Doing something nice for others isn't just for them—it's a great bonding experience for those helping out, too! Rather than just busting out the board games at home (also an excellent idea), call up a nursing home near you at least a week ahead of time and tell them that you and your friends would like to come visit. Let the staff know that you would like to bring along board games and they will help invite those interested. Your smiles and laughter will delight the seniors, while their stories and situations will remind you of those things that truly matter.