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World Cup-Inspired Sneaker Style: Pick Your Team Colors


Soccer fan or not, it's hard to escape the 2014 World Cup frenzy that's swept across the globe this past month. Watching team U.S.A's exciting streak and witnessing Germany's shocking landslide of a win against Brazil last week has been thrilling to say the least! Throughout the hours of watching match after match and up to Germany's incredible win in overtime yesterday, we couldn't help but be inspired by the teams' colors and uberbright soccer cleats.

Hot-hued kicks aren't anything new to the fashion scene, especially after Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's president and creative director, gave the green light to wear classic New Balances with pretty much anything⎯polished ensembles, dresses, skirts. It may sound counterintuitive, but throwing on a pair of comfy sneakers with a killer outfit can put an extra bounce in your step. The best part is a good pair of tennis shoes will last and get plenty of use, making them a worthwhile investment! You can be comfy, modern, and fashion-forward all in one swoop.

With a nod to the four semi-finalists⎯Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and the Netherlands⎯we've rounded up chic sneaks in each teams' colors. Take your pick!

ARGENTINA  1. Adidas $60 / 2. Nike $60 / 3. New Balance $95 / 4. New Balance $50 / 5. Nike $100

BRAZIL  1. Nike $86 / 2. New Balance $70 / 3. KangaROOS $54 / 4. Asics $68 / 5. Asics $75

GERMANY  1. New Balance $75 / 2. New Balance $50 / 3. Nike $108 / 4. Asics $69 / 5. New Balance $60

THE NETHERLANDS  1. Onitsuka Tiger $70 / 2. New Balance $52 / 3. Onitsuka Tiger $70 / 4. Adidas $90 / 5. Onitsuka Tiger $75