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Oops, Just Google Stalked Your Date? Here Are 4 Things You Need to Do Now

The Internet is not going to tell you what you want to know.


I don’t know many single woman who can resist the temptation to do a quick Google search on their dates. You have his last name, maybe even his place of work. That’s all the information you need to conduct a full-blown investigation. Of course, you soon find out that Google stalking is a rabbit hole and once you get started that way, you can never come back. But more importantly, information learned can never be unlearned, which can make the preliminary small talk one big, awkward charade to say the least.

The best way to skip the farce, is to ask a friend to do a quick background check if the guy is a stranger. Otherwise, patiently wait to find out all your burning questions in person. But, since we all know that kind of discipline is superhuman, here are four things you must do after you decided to Google stalk your date.

01. Practice your surprised face.

You should just practice this anyway as a good surprised face can be a lifesaver in a pinch.

02. Ask the question you already know first.

The sooner you know the "unknown" you can drop the act and just get to know the poor guy.

03. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Not everything on the internet is true, and news media doesn't always tell the full story. I hope this doesn't come as a surprise to you. Don't assume that you know his whole life story—unless his Facebook page isn't private, then yeah, you do.

04. Prepare to let it slip.

It's bound to happen, maybe on the first date, maybe a couple dates later. But whatever you do, don't lie about it. Own up to it and remind him that it's a compliment that he made you curious and crazy enough to stalk him.
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