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Style DIY: How to Make a Marbled Purse


As a veteran crafter, I’m always looking for unexpected ways to use ordinary materials. There’s something so interesting about adapting an established technique and taking it for a personalized spin. Thanks to the web, I've found marbling techniques, once used in paper crafts, that have been taking the manicure nail art world by storm. This got my creative juices flowing, thinking of other creative ways to incorporate the marbling trend.

I decided to try the marbling effect on a purse from the thrift store, and the result was awesome! With just a few supplies, you can repurpose that old nail polish to make a totally unique accessory.



01. Leather/Faux Leather Purse. Use a purse that has a flat front; this will provide a better surface for marbling.

02. Foil Tin

03. Opaque and Metallic Nail Polish

04. Toothpicks

*Optional: Scrap fabric to protect workspace as well as polish remover and cotton balls.



Fill the tin with water (about halfway should be enough). You do not need to worry about exact amount of water, as the water is just so the nail polish will float on top. Pour a couple drops of each nail polish into the water (I added about five).



Warning: The polish will begin to harden fairly quickly. Once you've added the polish to the water, you basically have a few seconds to take a toothpick and swirl everything around before the polish "thins" out. I find that the most effective method is to swirl the areas of clear water into the nail polish, creating the marbled look.

I would recommend testing out your technique on card stock or even scrap leather before trying on your purse. 



Dip the purse into the tin. Evenly press down so that the purse’s entire surface area hits the polish. If it looks funny at first dip, don't worry—it is supposed to look uneven and random, just like real marble! Repeat steps 1-3, as it may take a few runs to achieve the desired look. For this purse, I repeated the dipping process four times.



After removing the bag from the water, you'll find that the polish has already dried. Wipe off excess water with a paper towel, and let the bag sit for a couple minutes to ensure that it is completely dry.

If you need a do-over, the nail polish remover and cotton balls will come in handy. Don't forget to test the remover on a hidden spot on the bag to ensure that the material will not discolor.

Once totally dry, show your new and improved bag off! I love the way my purse turned out, and it's always a great feeling letting others know you did it yourself.