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Noteworthy: Favorite Multitasking Bags


For the girl on the go, it's hard not to become unhinged when function and fashion don't go hand in hand. How many times have you walked out of the house feeling like a bag lady juggling an over-stuffed purse, a tote for heels or groceries, a gym bag—the list goes on!

Luckily, there are a handful of double-duty bags that not only are functional but also look ridiculously cool. From rugged leather camera bags to fun beach coolers and gorgeous duo diaper bags, there's something for everyone.



Most photographers can attest that protective, padded camera bags are anything but trendsetting. Camera accessories company ONA is determined to change that. ONA specializes in leather bags that look more like they should be in front of the camera than behind it. The simple, chic design of ONA’s “Palma” satchel (#1) could pass as a regular old purse, but under the hood it's a different story. Practically designed for a every photo enthusiast, the roomy satchel allows for a DSLR, two lenses, and extra space for a notebook and phone.

1. Crossbody Satchel $329 / 2. Camera Bag $129 / 3. Messenger Bag $299 / 4. Tote Bag $349



For the avid picnicker or beachgoer, a hip cooler is a worthwhile purchase. Volcom’s Double-Duty Cooler (#1) messenger bag is equipped with insulated lining, so all of your perishables will stay cool in the summer sun.

Skip Hop’s Outdoor Blanket & Cooler Bag (#2) similarly stores cold items and can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag. Once you’ve unpacked lunch, the bag folds out into a picnic blanket for two.

Speaking of the beach, pesky sand can put a damper on a great beach day. Shaking out a beach bag requires unpacking (and then repacking). The brilliant minds over at Quirky have solved this problem with the chic “Shake” tote (#3). The canvas beach bag unsnaps to reveal a mesh bottom, ideal for releasing unwanted sand.

1. Volcom Cooler $60 / 2. Skip Hop Blanket and Cooler $45 / 3. Shake Tote $40



A common woe for new moms is the struggle to feel like you can keep a stylish wardrobe while caring for an adventurous and adorably messy baby. Petunia Pickle Bottom stepped on the scene fourteen years ago and is known as the mother of all fashionable diaper bags. The company specializes in excellently crafted, bold patterned bags—which everyone will notice after they've finished fawning over your cute kid, of course. With the Cosmopolitan Carryall (#1), mamas everywhere can simultaneously look pulled together and be prepared. Friends won’t even suspect the ladylike tote is actually a diaper bag!

1. Cosmopolitan Carryall $349 / 2. Sashay Satchel $175 / 3. Hampton Holdall $335 / 4. Wistful Weekender $185



Etsy, the one-stop source for all quirky gifts and accessories, is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind bike bags. These grown-up looking bags snap onto your bicycle and can easily be removed for a trip to the farmers' market.

1. Mercy and Ruth Bicycle Purse $72 / 2. Caleb Handmade Handlebar Bag $79  / 3. DNTX Handlebar Bag $95