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Fashion with a Heart: Changing the World, One Scarf at a Time

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In today’s marketplace it's a luxury to own a product that is handmade, and even more so, one that is ethically produced. When we first heard about not one, but two socially conscious lines specializing in one-of-a-kind scarves, it's safe to say we were intrigued!

Not only are Block Shop and Kish & Evie both independently owned labels, but they also share a similar aesthetic and philanthropic approach. Read on to get a glimpse into each brand and their mission.



1. Zipper in Peony $120 / 2. Zipper in Charcoal $120 / 3. Sundial in Peony $120 / 4. Herringbone in Papaya $120

Block Shop, is a line of covet-worthy print scarves operated by sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman. Originally based in India, then Cambridge, and ultimately Los Angeles, the artistic duo has stayed true to their mission: creating eco-friendly products while sustaining fair wages for their artisan workers.

Block Shop works in tandem with a co-op of twenty printers in Bagru, India, where artisans have been hand block printing with natural dyes for more than 350 years. Each scarf is individually painted using hand-carved wooden blocks without toxic vegetable dyes. The resulting waste water completes its eco-conscious course by irrigating local crops.

What makes these versatile Rajasthani-inspired scarves stand out is not the sumptuous, whisper-thin textiles or even the fact that they’re DesignLoveFest-approved, but the altruistic direction in which the duo has set as their standard. Block Shop invests a substantial portion of their proceeds into a community fund for their artisan workers and is actively sponsoring a mobile healthcare clinic in Bagru with more than 200 people so far receiving health, vision, and dental treatments.

Shop the hyped-up spring collection. If you’re curious to see the complete process of how these scarves are made, we suggest checking out their Instagram, which is chock-full of gorgeous behind-the-scenes shots!



1. Black Shimmer $57 / 2. Mothers + Daughters $92 / 3. We'll Get There $86 / 4. Black Hearts $198

Based out of Melbourne, Kish & Evieis the brainchild of the creative twosome Karishma (Kish) and Vivek (Evie). With Evie’s early start in his family-run textile mill and Kish’s design-savvy vision, the socially conscious line was born. Just one click through the online shop is proof that years in a pattern-happy Indian textile company rubbed off on the budding business.

But what really melts our hearts about Kish & Evie is not the too-adorable-for-words pineapple print design, their undeniably romantic love story, or even the fact that they use real women as their models (sans Photoshop editing). It’s their zeal for giving back to local communities and instilling hope for future generations, providing them with choices and opportunities. Kish explains, “I feel like education transforms a society. And more so, it transforms a life.”

With that objective, the couple has committed to donating 10 percent of profits to help local artisans fund their children’s education. Thus far, they have been able to assist with furthering twenty-four student's tuitions. The number may seem minuscule, but this is no small feat for the fashionable startup because changing the life of even one person in need can make all the difference.

Take a peek at Kish & Evie’s mix of polished and quirky designs, from luxurious minty green scarfs to embellished sequin heart-print pashminas here. For styling tips and up-to-the-minute updates, check out their blog and Instagram. We promise, you’ll never have to decide between comfort and style again.



Images via Kish & Evie + Block Shop