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This Brunch Party Idea Is So Lovely You're Going to Want to Try It Right Away



Art Credit: Colleen Pesci

If you’re anything like us, your Pinterest DIY board is really code for “probably never going to do this.” When it comes to DIY-ing boards full of gorgeous flower arrangements, the experimentation process might seem fun, but honestly, a bit pricey. Rather than spend a bundle on blooms only to have a #pinterestfail, or drop several hundred dollars on a class, why not try gathering your girlfriends to experiment together? Calligrapher Erica Tighe of Be A Heart invited us along for an inspiring brunch that anyone can do on their own.


Send Out Invites
In the invitation, instruct each guest to bring at least one bunch of flowers and one bunch of foliage, as well as a vase. If you’re super organized, you could even set up a list of seasonal favorites and have people claim their type like a potluck, to make sure you have sufficient variety.


> scissors for each guest
> chicken wire
> floral tape
> twine


The Setup
Since the idea of the party was to have fun and experiment, Erica printed out a bunch of her favorite arrangements and hung them up for inspiration. She covered surfaces with brown craft paper; it makes for super easy cleanup and showed off her fab calligraphy with pretty inspirational quotes on each piece.


The Party
We set our flowers on a central table and then one-by-one each picked out what we wanted to work with. The results were as gorgeous and inspirational as their creator!

Want to host your own flower arranging party? Try these expert tips from Denise Fasanello, owner of Denise Fasanello Flowers in New York City.


01. Flowers that bloom during the same season generally work best paired together. Let Mother Nature be your guide. Consider varying the size of your blooms—put a larger head flower with a smaller head flower.

02. There’s an old rule that flowers in an arrangement should be two-thirds the size of a vase, but rules are meant to be broken! It all depends on the style of vase you are using. For a mixed flower arrangement, you should start with your woody or green foliage first, add the bigger faced flowers and then add smaller accent flowers or vines last.

03. Kitchen shears work fine for cutting flowers, but make sure you cut flowers (especially those with woody or thick stems) on an angle. This way they can drink in more water.

04. You don’t need flower food to make your flowers last. Instead keep them out of direct sunlight and change their water every day.

Photography by Colleen Pesci