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Best Free Fitness Channels on YouTube

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Gym memberships and fancy workout classes don't always fit into our budgets. But these free fitness channels on YouTube let us work up a sweat, without even leaving the house!

01. BeFit
On this channel from Lionsgate, well-known trainers like Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, and Tara Stiles help you target problem areas and sculpt lean muscle. There's a new video every day of the week, and the channel page is well-organized if you want to choose a particular style like yoga dance fusion, Zumba, 10-minute cardio, and even 30-day programs.

02. Blogilates
Fitness instructor Cassey Ho teaches fun, energetic POP Pilates and bootcamp sculpting workouts set to Top 40 hits. You’ll be so into the songs you’ll barely notice the burn.

03. Tone It Up
With a motto of “Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat,” instructors Karena and Katrina make their intense workouts playful. They offer fun series like “Love Your Body,” and other videos are categorized by specific areas of the body including abs, arms, and legs.

04. BexLife
Instructor and mother Rebekah Borucki is all about family, fitness, meditation, healthy recipes⎯and dabbling in organic farming on the side. In 2011, Borucki was among sixteen trainers to participate in YouTube’s Next Trainer program, which catapulted her wellness channel within the YouTube and television communities. Her workouts are often short and and target specific body parts. She offers plenty of yoga videos, too.

05. Tara Stiles
Nonconformist yogis will love Tara Stiles’ yoga and recipe instructions. Stiles is the founder of Strala, a yoga program that’s become super popular across the world. Stiles says her Strala yoga classes lack that pretentious, trendy nature many yoga programs tend to have and focuses on movement over posing. Whether you're looking for more strength, more energy, or simply to relax, you'll find it here⎯and her videos are accessible for all levels.

06. Lauren Hefez
Boston-based fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness model, and blogger Lauren Hefez promises “fitness, health, food, and fun” with her YouTube channel. She brings positive energy and a dancer’s grace to her workouts, which come out every Wednesday.

07. Sarah Fit
Sarah Fit wants you to get healthy—without sacrificing a social life. With new videos every Tuesday, Sarah Fit offers up some refreshing ideas about fitness and clean, healthy eating. She offers motivational and effective interval training, plus a back-to-school series that can be done in a dorm room.

08. Video
A well-rounded channel with easy-to-follow videos and multiple instructors, Video has hundreds of videos in a variety of formats. If you head to their website, you’ll also find helpful articles on weight loss and healthy dieting.

09. Natalie Jill Fitness
Natalie Jill’s channel features fast-paced, core-toning exercises. Jill has celiac disease, her mother has diabetes, and her daughter has nut allergies, so Jill also provides advice for those with special diets.