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Talent Scouting: Best Up-and-Coming Bands from this Summer's Festival Scene


Art Credit: via Blah Blah Science


Summertime is music festival time all around the country. Too bad they’re extremely expensive, hard to get to, and sell out so quickly. Even if you do make the festival, the headliners may be literally impossible to see. But there were some great bands that weren’t headlining at this year’s festivals who still play less crowded shows at more intimate venues, with more affordable ticket sales, and where you can actually hear the music. So we’ve put together a list of some of the bands that played killer performances on the smaller stages at Coachella, Governors Ball, EDC, and other festivals.


These two are the duo to see if you want a night of complete dancing. Their pop-influenced dance music makes it physically impossible to stay still during a set. These New York City locals play frequently at the low-key spots, making the night as intimate (and sometimes sweaty) as possible.


Haerts has put on an incredible show every single time I’ve seen them play. Nini Fabi, the lead singer and and a certified fashionista, is a powerhouse and owns the stage. She will have you falling in love with her music from the beginning of the first song. Grab tickets for HAERTS now. It will be worth it to get lost in their super sweet indie-pop sound.


This producer on the French Express label is certainly a DJ to see if you get the chance. Not only are his singles and remixes absolute entertainment, but his shows are even better. His personality shines through his futuristic electronic sets, his face lights up with positive energy, and his uplifting vibes seep through the crowd as easily as his music does.


This firecracker of a singer puts on one heck of a show. Her rock and roll roots pour through her smoky vocals, while her messy attire will make you long for the grunge era of nineties female rockers. She frequently plays shows in the Midwest but tours the U.S. frequently, so you can definitely catch her in your city if you plan ahead!


Brooklyn trio Wet has been collecting quite the audience with their pure, pretty production. Their EP was released last October through Neon Gold, and since then, they've been remixed by a ton of producers and played small venue shows all around. Catch their wavy, down-tempo electro on their tour this fall with SOHN.

Make sure to check Spotify, Pandora, or Soundcloud to listen to any new artists before you buy your tickets! These websites can also suggest similar artists who you might want to see live.