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Keep It Simple: Packing for a Weekend Getaway

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Summer is just steps away, and some of us are already in the midst of it. This season is synonymous with spontaneity, adventure, impromptu trips, and long dinners outside with friends and loved ones. My biggest goal when traveling for such trips⎯whether for a fun weekend or a month-long journey⎯is to keep it simple. Make packing a breeze with the easy tips below.


How many of you like to give yourselves at least seven outfit options a day? We've all been there. But if you're going on a three-day trip, you only need to pack three outfits plus one extra option. To keep your clothes from getting wrinkled, pack cotton and jersey-knit fabrics that do not wrinkle easily. Bring items you can wear multiple ways.

So what exactly do I pack for a weekend getaway?  Well, I’m glad you asked!


1. maxi dress $88 / 2. seersucker shorts $74 / 3. white oxford shirt $24 / 4. jean jacket $40 / 5. gladiator sandals $148 and wedges $118 / 6. one-piece swimsuit $98 / 7. fedora $35 / 8. summer tote $58

Add a chunky, bold necklace to the mix, and you'll have a diverse wardrobe for four days⎯if not more! Here's how:


Pair it with your jean jacket, gladiator sandals, necklace, and tote... and violà! You’re ready to board your plane. (If you’re bringing the fedora, wear that too, so it doesn’t get ruined en route.) Once you arrive to your destination, your maxi dress now becomes the perfect beach cover-up. Grab your suit, magazines, and sunscreen to hit the sand. You can glam up your maxi for dinner with a chunky necklace, wedges, and a swipe of red lipstick. From travel wear to beach cover-up to a night out, the maxi dress is not only comfortable and feminine but also extremely versatile.


It's summer, so why not? Throw on your gladiator sandals and blouse for the perfect bike-riding outfit. Swap out your sandals for wedges and rock bright lips with fun jewelry at happy hour. And don’t forget your jean jacket for chilly nights.


It’s no secret that I love a good Oxford shirt, not only for their functionality but also because they're so darn cute. Put the Oxford over your one-piece swimsuit and add your fedora, gladiator sandals, and tote when you're going to the beach. Throw the Oxford over your maxi dress in the afternoon with wedges, fedora, and tote in hand, and you’re set for an afternoon of exploring. You can always wear the oxford shirt with your seersucker shorts and chunky statement necklace too. You can’t get much more preppy than that!