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Five Good Laughs for your Friday


Art Credit: via LiveNation

By the end of the week, we could all use a good laugh. What better way to find that than by checking out some of the best comedians on tour right now? Here are a few short snippets from five hilarious entertainers that will give you a glimpse into their newest projects⎯guaranteed to make you giggle.

Jim Gaffigan

Thanks to Jim Gaffigan’s 2006 special Beyond the Pale, I still reference "Hot Pocket" at least once a week. His newest stand-up routine, "Obsession," airing on Comedy Central and available on DVD, is just as good, if not better (can you believe it?). To purchase the special or catch Jim’s tour, visit his website.

Maria Bamford

This powerhouse woman refuses to let her bipolar disorder interrupt her life. Instead, she uses her dysfunctional family and self-deprecating humor to keep the world laughing. Her impersonation of pugs, for instance, never fails to make me howl with laughter⎯much like her other voices and impersonations, it's spot on.  Catch her new special on Netflix, Maria Bamford: The Special, Special, Special! For more information on Maria Bamford, check out her website.

Brian Regan

Much like Jim Gaffigan and Kevin James, Brian Regan is a good, clean comedian. This comes as no surprise given the fact that his influences are top performers Steve Martin, The Smothers Brothers, and Johnny Carson. He has a knack for making everyday situations absolutely hysterical. If you haven’t watched his 2010 release All By Myself, remedy that now. Better yet, catch him on tour.

Bill Cosby

This man clearly needs no introduction. After thirty years, Bill Cosby came back with a new Comedy Central special this past winter called Far From Finished⎯proving he's still got it when it comes to classic humor and seriously funny facial expressions. You kind of feel like you’re sitting around having a humorous conversation with your grandpa. If you missed the TV special, grab the DVD on his website.

Eddie Izzard

I like to call Eddie Izzard the king of educational comedy. If I had a history teacher like Eddie Izzard in Dressed To Kill, I would have made straight As. It's impossible to forget his famous "Cake or Death" reference or his take on how the Heimlich maneuver came about. His newest special, Force Majeure, is available as three shows, in three languages, and it's three hours long. As much as I loved him in his short-lived show The Riches and his acting in movies like Valkyrie and Across the Universe, he is still my all-time favorite comedian to watch. Check out his tour dates here.