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The Best Pandora Stations For Your Summer BBQs

These tunes are a great soundtrack for the warmer weather.


Art Credit: California Bakery

If you aren’t busy making plans to throw a BBQ anytime soon, then you’re likely busy making plans to attend one. Either way, there are a few things that will make any spring BBQ special: good friends, good food, good drinks, and good music. Wondering what to play? Let our list of summer BBQ Pandora jams help you decide how to kick it off.

Bruce Springsteen

Let’s face it. BBQs were invented with Bruce Springsteen in mind. Born in the U.S.A, making music in the U.S.A about the U.S.A—you can’t get much more patriotic than this guy. Throw this Pandora station on at a BBQ and everyone will be singing along.

The XX

If you want a mellow vibe at your BBQ, maybe towards the end of the night as everyone is winding down, The XX Pandora station provides the perfect chill background sounds.

Camera Obscura

A classically upbeat station, Camera Obscura Pandora station is the key to a happy BBQ, playing the likes of The Shins, The Smiths, and plenty of classics that will have you happier than ever to be surrounded by your friends.

The Black Keys

A classic choice for summer jams, The Black Keys Pandora station plays Monophonics, Cage the Elephant, and plenty of tunes that will make you want to round up everyone, stand on the picnic bench, and belt your heart out.

Jimmy Buffett

Margaritaville. Need I say more? This guy knows how to party and has instilled his wisdom upon us through his feel-good songs. Best used for a cookout in a beach setting (or pretending like you're in one) where guests are barefoot with a margarita or piña colada in hand.

Photo by California Bakery