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Off-Screen Style: Pretty in Pink


An angsty high-school girl caught in emotional throes of a classic love triangle—what's not to love about the fashion-packed, 80s teen flick Pretty in Pink?  In the height of Molly Ringwald's glory days, she stars as Andie Walsh, a hard-up girl who defiantly rocks her own style and suffers the popularity schism between the punks and "richies." As she falls for a wealthy yet sensitive, boy, she feels torn between him and her love-sick best friend, Duckie—all the while sporting over-the-top granny style.

For all its horrendous hair and over-sized glasses, Pretty in Pink has become an American cult classic and epitome of 1980s fashion. Trends, as we know, are cyclical, and Andie’s outrageous outfits look shockingly similar to some of our favorite pieces on the racks today. Bold floral pants, boxy boyfriend blazers, army jackets, mixes of funky prints, and piles of costume jewelry are all happening right now. Here are our favorite Andie-inspired looks that are completely appropriate for 2014. 


Floral pants are everywhere this spring, but they don't have to feel like granny-chic. Keep the rest of the outfit clean and up-to-date with a statement necklace and modern-meets-old-school bootie.

1. Asos $49 / 2. Forever21 $10  / 3. Urban Outfitters $44 / 4. Old Navy $20 /  5. Jeffrey Campbell $135


Girly-meets-tomboy is a classic combination, and this season's oversized, menswear-inspired blazers are balanced by feminine  details like a floral button down and a geometric cut-out wedge.

1. DSW $70 / 2. Forever21 $8 / 3. Target $26 / 4. Topshop $125 / 5. Gap $28 / 6. Urban Outfitters $59


We're huge fans of dressy shorts in a longer length, especially in an abstract pattern like this silky pair from H&M. Take a cue from Andie and keep it casual with a t-shirt, bomber jacket, and big accessories.

1. H&M $13 / 2. H&M $6  / 3. Mango $20  / 4. ModCloth $35 / 5. Topshop $110/ 6. H&M $50


This classic shift  dress from Ruche in pastel pink with an antique lace neckline is a dream. Inspired by Andie's iconic home-spun prom dress, we layered loads of pearly jewelry and added an eclectic twist with a leopard print heel; proving you can be both feminine and funky. Andie would be proud.

1. Forever21 $8 / 2. Forever21 $7 / 3. Ruche $63 / 4. DSW $60 / 5. Forever21 $6