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4 Stylish Ways to Wear 1 Classic Oxford Shirt

This wardrobe staple can be made to work for practically every occasion.
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KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 6

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons to dress, and after experiencing my first real East Coast winter in NYC (being a transplant from Los Angeles), I am more grateful than ever for the new life that comes with spring.

In preparation for a lovely season, it is time for another wardrobe investment: Enter the oxford.

OK, I can almost hear the collective yawn through my screen, but before you dismiss this piece as boring or outdated—hear me out! The classic button-down oxford is an investment piece well worth its price tag. Fun, flirty, classy, elegant, easy, and versatile, the blue oxford will not only be worn to office meetings, but it will be a constant companion at garden parties, concerts, coffee dates, and any outing with friends. Whether you’re 16, 29, or in your 60s, the oxford is a wardrobe essential that will last throughout the seasons—and decades—of your life.

Fabric quality and fit are essential when choosing an oxford. Recently, I came across the Japanese brand Kamakura that is known for their out-of-this-world quality men’s shirts. They've developed a women’s line, and the blue oxford has been a new best friend of mine!

Go, go, go get yourself a quality oxford, ladies. Or dust off the one you have kept in your closet, with no idea how to wear it! Go on . . . have some fun, take some chances, and stay classy!

White Jeans + Open Blouse:

What I love about this look is how bright it is! White pants are a go-to year-round for me—but there's no better time than in the summer! To keep things fresh I decided to pair it with a bright, blue blouse for a fun, color-block effect.

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KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 1

Pencil Skirt + Blouse:

This is an everyday office look. To make things fun I paired the floral skirt with my leopard flats because, as style icon Jenna Lyons aptly put it, “Leopard is a neutral.”

Modify the look by tying the top at your waist, throw on a pair of wedges—and voilá!  You’re ready for a Sunday brunch and some pancakes.

KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 11

KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 9

Boho Skirt:

This boho skirt is oh-so beachy and not necessarily an automatic pairing with an oxford, but see how it offers a nice and elegant juxtaposition? To keep the oxford light and casual, tie it in a knot at your waist.

KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 16

KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 14

Skinny Jeans + NY | LA Graphic Tee:

This is a go-to look for me on days when I’m running around town doing errands. Keeping an oxford around the waist creates a fun and sporty look, and if you get chilly, just throw it on unbuttoned over a graphic tee!

KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 20

KatHarris.KamakuraOxford 18

Whether your style is preppy, bohemian, girly-girl, or tomboy, the classic button-down oxford never fails!

Images by  Bekah of Kallima Photography  @kallimap