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Is Your Lack of Confidence Killing Your Competitive Edge? 6 Confidence-Building Tips

Self-confidence can be a powerful tool—in friendships, romance, and even your professional life. That said, even the most self-assured of us could use an ego boost every once in a while. Though there’s no single switch you can flip to instantly attain Beyoncé-level swagger, there are simple ways to increase your self-confidence each day and over the long run. Start by mastering morale-boosting strategies and avoiding the habits that bring you down.


Art Credit: Moss and Isaac

01. Do an “Attitude Audit”

Spend some time completing a mental assessment of the people in your life and how they make you feel: Do they bring you up or drag you down? The company we keep has a major influence on our mental state; they can help us believe that we can take on the world or do the opposite, making us question what we’re doing and even what we stand for. Choose your company wisely. Surround yourself with your biggest fans and supporters—and work on being the same to others!

02. Quit Making Comparisons (Except for One)

Stop judging your start against someone else’s middle. It’s a waste of time and happiness to compare yourself with others when you really have no idea what their life might be like! If you have to compare yourself to something, contrast yourself today to the you of last year, last month, last week, or even yesterday. Put in enough work to be able to tell yourself, “I’m doing better every day.” Reminding yourself of your personal progress will keep your confidence from dipping.

03. Create Your “Power Self”

If you’re feeling stuck, filled with nerves, or lacking confidence in a certain part of your life, it might be the right time to create your “power self.” This is the confident and fearless version of you—the person you’re growing into. Visualize what this power self does: how she works, how she handles relationships, even what she looks like. When you feel yourself falter, call on your supercharged doppelgänger and the energy that she brings with her. Want proof that it works? Just look at Beyoncé and her own power self, Sasha Fierce!

04. To Thine Own Self be AMAZING!

Start listening to your self-talk. Is it positive? Would you use the words you use on yourself on a friend, family member, or spouse? Are you cheering yourself on, or are you doubling down on “if only I had done this” and “why am I not doing more of that?” Make a conscious effort to be your own best cheerleader and work on shutting down any self-talk that prevents this.

05. Become an Expert at Pumping Yourself Up

Often, we’re the only person on hand to psyche ourselves up before a big event. But guess what? It’s the same for all kinds of successful people, from athletes to performers. No one always has a coach at their side, so they have to be able to push themselves to perform. To become your own right-hand man, find out what gets you going. Is it a special mix of music that you create? Is it meditating, or the power of mantras and daily intentions? It’s your responsibility to figure out what brings you joy, energy, and confidence and schedule it into your life.

06. Stop Living in the Past

One of the most amazing things about being human is that we constantly learn and change. Sure, we make mistakes and do things we wish we hadn’t done, but the key to a healthy level of self-confidence is the ability to learn from mistakes and move on. Focusing on the past makes you overly vulnerable to regret, which can lead you to question your own progress and deflate your self-esteem. That said, you can either fill your mind with bitterness over the past or brighter thoughts about the future. So why waste your brain’s real estate on regret? You have much more important things to keep in there!

Photo by Moss + Isaac