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Top Singable Karaoke Songs for Average People

karaoke songs, easy songs to sing

Art Credit: Nima Salimi

We all have the nights when we go out with our group of friends, have a drink or two, and decide that singing in public is a good idea. But then there are times when the sober reality that we can’t sing takes over, and yet we have to pick a song.

Have no fear! We did some research and found the best karaoke songs to choose, especially if you think your vocals aren't exactly the greatest. I give you . . . five karaoke songs for non-singers.

Kesha - Tik Tok

Unfortunately and fortunately everyone knows the words, so the sound of the crowd trying to join in will overpower your nervous voice, plus the vocal range isn’t tough at all. Win-win.

Journey - Don’t Stop Believing

Sing this on a Friday night out in Boston, and you’ll grab everyone’s attention. We guarantee at least 75 percent of the bar will join in, wrap their arms around each other in song, and drown you out.

Nancy Sinatra - Boots Are Made for Walking

Monotone, easy enough to remember, and classic. With this track, it’s virtually impossible to go wrong.

Carly Simon - You’re So Vain

Another timeless song that emits all the passive-aggressive anger you ever held toward an ex-boyfriend. Thanks to its abrasive message, you can pretty much yell this song for the same effect.

Beach Boys - Kokomo

A crowd favorite. Mostly sung in a talking tone, this Beach Boys track will have people dreaming of a vacation and forgetting that you’re actually standing on a stage singing.

Photo by Nima Salimi