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Style DIY: Statement Collar Tee


Images by Chelsey Heidorn Photography

I have a drawer full of comfortable tees I frequent week to week. A few have remained untouched, so I thought it was time to give them a little makeover—a new twist to the everyday threads! With just a few supplies you can turn an ordinary T-shirt  into a Statement Collar Tee.


  • Rhinestone trim (I found mine in the bridal section of the craft store.)

  • Liquid stitch

  • Plain tee


01. Measure out your trim around the length of the neckline.


02. Place glue on the back of the trim and align to the edge of the neckline. Allow time to secure before moving to each section. Pull the tee as you go so wrinkles do not form.


03. Let dry and wear!


You can use these steps with dresses, V-neck tees, and even blazers! If you give this DIY trend a try, be sure to show off your work and tag us so we can see what you have come up with!


*Liquid stitch can be washed and even dry-cleaned, but it will not hold forever.