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DIY: Transform Broken Necklaces into New Earrings


I have so many necklaces that are either missing a clasp or broken in two, but I hold onto them because I cannot bring myself to throw them out. The good news is there's a way to take a piece you already own and turn it into one (or several) pairs of earrings! It only takes a few supplies from your local craft store or


• Earring hooks
• Flat-head pins (You may not need these if there's already wire through the bead)
• Broken necklaces
• Pliers (preferably needle-nose pliers)



1) Using your pliers, detach the bead or gemstones from the chain and leave the jump ring open.


2) If your bead needs a flat-head pin through the middle, push it through.


3) Using your pliers, loop the jump ring or flat-head pin around the earring fish hook and clamp completely closed.


It's as simple as that! You can create multiple sets and different styles to keep or gift! If you try this out, show us what you come up with. We would love to see your creations!