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Belmondo Skin Care Giveaway!


I've struggled with acne and sensitive skin since around my fourteenth birthday, and I have tried just about every imaginable treatment—from  antibiotics, to microdermabrasion, peels, and any three-step skin care regimen you can think of.

I used to roll my eyes at friends who'd tell me to moisturize with serums and such—they couldn't possibly understand! With such tricky skin that caused me a lot of heartache, the thought of putting something gentle and moisturizing on my face was just something I couldn't handle. Surely that couldn't help, and it would possibly make me break out even more!

It was not until a few months ago that I was sent a sample of Belmondo's organic, olive oil-based skin care line. Now, this really made my eyes roll. Organic oil? How on earth was that going to do anything when I'm trying to get rid of breakouts? Then I gave the products a try for three days. And . . .

I'm a convert.

Belmondo's line of products with all-natural, soothing ingredients truly and honestly did wonders for my combination dry and oily skin. My red irritation went down, my pores smoothed out, and—lo and behold—my breakouts calmed. I even had one of my best friends say, "Are you doing something new? Your face looks so dewy and healthy." I kid you not.

Based in British Columbia, Belmondo is a fair-trade, organically sourced olive oil-based skin care line designed to protect, nourish, and enhance the skin you have. Its founder Daniella Belmondo ensures quality by having the products made in small batches. And don't even get me started on how darling the packaging is!

Now's your chance to  try it yourself! Enter below to win a Belmondo Travel Face Kit!



Each kit (valued at $64.95) includes five fantastic products

The Dunes, gentle almond oil face scrub for exfoliation.
The Rain, apple cider vinegar face wash that slips over even the most sensitive skin.
After the Rain, made with witch hazel and organic aloe toner to clarify and soothe.
The Cloud, velvety, organic Italian olive oil face cream that is deeply hydrating.
The Earth, French clay mask that tightens pores and gives a rosy glow.

How to win:

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